Jebus Mews: Fatman V Super Meow

This all started a few years ago when my Aunt and Uncle inherited me. Here I was this 10 year cat moving into an already established cat home. You know how we get sometimes – we like to pee. To get Andrea to shut the hell up about cleaning the floor daily, that asshole Victor pimped out my soul. He said to dress me up because I’m not the type to fight back. She hasn’t bitched about my spraying ever since. Continue reading


Montauk, NY

A 3 hour drive away or slightly longer on the Hampton Jitney. You may not have 80 degree turquoise waters but you have The Bake Shoppe – home to delicious linzer cookies. Sadly Ronnie’s Deli who made the greatest sandwiches closed back in Fall 2012. We’ll miss your turkey cranberry sandwich and garlic roast beef.

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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Depending how you see it, you either cross the widest river in the world or the marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Colonia del Sacremento sits across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires.

A short walk after stepping off the ferry you enter historic Colonia via drawbridge. A friendly stray dog greeted us a few blocks away and accompanied us through most of our tour! Enrique was a nice surprise – I named all the stray animals. Continue reading