Unitarian Church Graveyard in Charleston

The Unitarian Church, 2nd oldest in Charleston, is home to the United Universalist congregation, the oldest Unitarian church in the south. It was not built by Unitarians, it was built by the Society of Dissenters (sinister sounding but they aren’t scary at all) who needed more space to worship – they are known as the Circular Church. Walking down King Street in Charleston you will eventually stumble upon the old graveyard. It is overgrown except for the paths. Wildflowers adorn the graves and trees grow into the tombstones. It’s a beautiful cemetery and it’s said to be haunted. Continue reading


Charleston, South Carolina

This was an impulse trip and yes, we booked it because we wanted authentic southern/soul food. We had the worst staycation ever in October. We were in Philly enjoying Halloween stuff when I got news my grandma died (mom’s side). It was unexpected. We headed back to Manhattan as soon as we found out. When we got the email from Jetblue that they were having airfare sales, we were like this vacation sucks. We were already stressed out on top of it and haven’t had much us time. So we immediately got in touch with our jobs and were like – we need these days off in January. Charleston was a pleasant getaway and it cost us $740 airfare and hotel for 3 nights, travel insurance for 2 people, not per person. Great deal and such good food. Also flying south is cheaper than vacationing locally. Keep an eye out for those airfare sales. Continue reading

Snowstorm Jonas

Up until Friday night, I thought it was all media hype. Last year they  kept saying we were going to get hit with blizzards and we’d wake up to 5 inches. 5 inches of snow is nothing. When I looked out my window and saw how much snow stuck and accumulated – I was so excited. This year the weather people got it right! Continue reading

Charlie Brown, You’re the Browniest

There’s nothing like a Charlie Brown Christmas. This is and will always be my favorite Christmas window. My Dad is a big Peanuts fan and I guess that rubbed off on me. When it was that time of year we’d head to Tribeca (the Tribeca Grand Hotel stands there now) to go to the nursery and we’d get the Charlie Brown tree. It would be lopsided or part of the bottom would be missing. You get the point, we bought the saddest trees because my Dad felt bad for them and I loved my Christmas trees. Still do. Continue reading

Dicken’s Village at Macy’s

It’s the New Year, hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Christmas cheer hit me after Christmas so I won’t feel too silly posting these in January. I still have to go through my pictures from the NYC Macy’s window. They were my favorite for 2015 and will hopefully get those up in a few days. This one is about Macy’s in Philly.

The day after Christmas we drove to Philly with our cousin and his girlfriend for food and holiday stuff. Continue reading