We’re Victor and Andrea, the photo enthusiast duo behind this blog which covers our travel adventures, NYC and musings from our cat Jebus (passed away 2015), Princess Leia (passed away 2015), Chewie, and Jiminy. Since we don’t drive (I never learned and Vic hates it) most of our traveling is done without a car unless we venture out with someone who drives.


Victor has the main shutter finger while I usually enjoy the surroundings and snap the occasional photo. We’re both native NYers and still debate who comes from the better borough. I swear by Manhattan (I’m from the Lower East Side) and he swears by Brooklyn (he’s from Sunset Park). We live in Bay Ridge and he likes to joke that he moved up in the world because when he was little Sunset Park was kinda ghetto. I grew to adore Bay Ridge but it will never quite feel like home. My NYC posts are basically one long love song to my hometown which has changed drastically over the years. I love to travel and get to pester Victor about our next trip. He’s pretty content building up his photo equipment for our excursions. A child’s atlas my mom gave me when I was little gave me the wander bug I suffer from today. My goal is to see as much as I can and play with as many furry creatures I come across. – I love animals.


As for Jebus our cat. He’s a real special boy. He tolerates me dressing him up which started when we brought him home about 4 ½ years ago. He kept spraying. It’s behavioral not health related so his punishment is to get dressed up in costumes. I’m surprised he hasn’t killed me yet because all my other cats would have.


Jebus would like to have a moment:
“I’m from “Bahsten” or Boston for everyone else not from MA. I’m a true Garfield at 15 pounds. I love belly rubs and armpit scratches. If you love furry cats with soft splendid bellies, cats in costume or my furry nudes – read my rants on Jebus Mews.” – Mew Mew Mew, Jebus


RIP Jebus

Winter 1998-1999-April 1, 2015

We’ll miss you buddy. Glad we can keep your memory alive with all the pictures and drafts you left behind. Blogging won’t be the same without your input and you sitting on my lap.

Princess Leia our 18 year old foster cat from NJ.


Princess Leia joined our household May 26, 2015. Her human companion passed on in March and her human cousin has been trying to avoid the shelter system. Her cousin would have kept her but one of her cats is way to frisky for Princess’ sake. Princess is one of the sweetest most loving kitties and she’s quite a delight. We decided to take a cat fan fiction approach with her since I’d feel like a real dick dressing up a well behaved geriatric cat.

RIP Princess

May 26, 2015 – September 1, 2015

We miss you. You really were a Princess, you had the most impeccable manners. Never met a more perfect cat. Too bad you had to leave us but we had a good 3 months. We got to enjoy our string time and love hugs.

Chewie our rescue cat from Wards Island NYC. 


Chewie joined our household on December 9, 2015 when he was 4 years old. My mom’s boss couldn’t keep him since her kitties had FIV and we were looking to adopt, so we adopted him. Our ginger cat  chews on everything like he’s a hamster. He’s a picky eater, loves hugs, a bed hog, bites papers and boxes and spits it out. Since he’s from the city psych ward island, he specializes in “Human Behavior”.

Jiminy, our rescue cat from Anjellicle Cats Rescue

Asking for attention! This is a big accomplishment for Jiminy 🙂

Jiminy was rescued by Anjellicle Cats Rescue from the city shelter’s “at-risk” aka death row list. He joined our household on August 31, 2016 when he was around 4 years old and has come a long way. He’s learning to trust us (he has major trust issues, we aren’t sure if he’s part feral or very, very, very shy), enjoys belly rubs, playing with his brother Chewie, and the occasional snuggle. Chewie, in his studies likes to joke that Jiminy suffers from extreme anxiety disorder. Jiminy loves cats but people not so much. He’s pretty good with us but it took him 3 years at the no kill to try and come around to petting, Jiminy adopted me (Andrea). One day, when I was cleaning his area of the cat room he brushed up on my hand instead of hit me like usual and now he lives with us. He’s been a great addition to our family but we are unhappy he’s stolen Chewie from us. They’d rather cuddle each other than hug us but it’s really warming to watch them chase each other and play together.



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  1. Thanks for liking my posts on my blog How to Be a Better Human. I have a cousin who lives in Bay Ridge and my mom’s family settled on the Lower East Side. And of course, love the cats!!

    1. What a small world! I’m am new to blogging. I am pleasantly surprised by the experience (I’m not a techie person). Didn’t realize it would open a brand new world filled with tons of cool people 🙂

      1. Me, too. I’ve had my blog for a few years, but in the last few months have started to work on it every day. I’ve loved seeing how diverse the blogosphere is and connecting with all different kinds of people. Really cool!!

    1. Thank You Laura! We were pleasantly surprised yesterday. Jebus is giving you a belly shot right now. He likes to flaunt his tummy means he’s happy. I’ll be working on my list and questions for a little while. Thanks again! Your blogs cool too. Frozen New England and bugs some of my favs.

  2. Thank you for visiting my place. I like how you both go and about : Victor’s building up his equipment for our excursions and Andrea’s enjoying the surroundings and snap the occasional photo. Of course, I like Jebus too 🙂

  3. Hey! How is it going? It only just occurred to me that you are in NYC 😮

    My partner and I are planning a trip there next year around August time! Trying to figure out if there is enough to do around NYC for two weeks or if we should do a side trip to another place for a few days.

    Suggestions would be most welcome. 🙂


    1. Hi! Hopefully we will have another mild summer when you visit. It depends what you both like to do. There’s plenty to do. Do you like graffiti tours, outdoor stuff, museums, etc? Do you like to go to bars, nightlife? I will ask friends about night life stuff – we can be boring in regards to bars and clubs. Give me an idea and I can suggest some stuff. Will this be your first trip to NY?

      Philedelphia is an easy trip from NY. 2 hours by bus. It can be a day trip but sometimes we like to stay a night or two. The food is good out there so we tend to go there to eat.

      DC is 5 hours away. The Hamptons are 3 hours (I think) away depending on traffic.
      There’s lots to do.

      Things are ok. Our forever foster Princess Leia passed away (she was 18 when we took her in) in September so we have no furry friends. We had a good 3 months with her. I’ve been to the shelter 3 times and can’t decide. All my guys were strays and Princess came to us when a friend’s friend’s girlfriend’s uncle passed. I always joked I can’t choose, my cats and I just bumped into each other. Jeez, now I know it is true. Guess it means it’s not time yet but we will get more cats one day 🙂 I really miss dressing them up!

      1. Oh so sorry to hear about Princess Leia :(. as for ideas my partner and I are more into sight seeing (including museums), outdoors and shopping. We would like to encounter NYC night life once but not so bothered about it lol. If you go out late you can’t do much sight seeing the next day 😉

        My partner was thinking of doing a few days in Boston but we are not sure! Don’t wanna miss anything in New York itself LOL!

      2. I’ll send you and email in a week or two 🙂 Haven’t been to Boston in a while. It’s about 4 hours away. NY’s Little Italy is dying but I’ve heard the Little Italy to check out is in Boston. There’s an Italian restaurant we love in North End. August should be a time to go shopping. School starts in Sept and they get ready for fall so a lot of stuff should be on sale.

  4. As another New Yorker (and avid cat lover), I’m so glad I discovered your blog today. I look forward to reading more in the future! Best wishes, Susan

    1. Aw thanks! Where do you live? You commented on my about so I know you have my details. I’m a homesick Lower East Sider even though I’m in the area once or twice a week. Jeez, I have to get to Queens. I get so so lazy since it takes forever from Bay Ridge. Loved the graffiti pics. You posted about St Pauls. I love that place. My Dad would take us for walks all the time downtown. I consider everything under 14th St my backyard. I kind of miss it being a church though.

      1. We live in Queens – Rego Park/Forest Hills right now. I roam all over the city though. Love the LES! I’ve got a ton of street art pics from there that will be going up soon.

  5. Thank you so much for the follow! Lovely animal pics you have here – I will have to find more cats I guess…Found some precious ones in Spain this summer – they are coming!

  6. Hey! Thank you lots for following us back! I’m new to blogging, but thankfully I have the help of Murli my lovely cat. It’s absolutely amazing how many awesome people and cats I’m able to get to know through blogging! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. My blog kind of started out as a joke. I’m not techie and didn’t know anything about it. I use to dress up Jebus. At the time I was working at a vets and was talking to a writer. I was telling him how I dress up my cats for peeing as punishment and he said I should start a blog. I did it two years later. I wanted another site just for our photos but ended up with one because I didn’t want to manage two sites. It works as one. The surprise was you get to chat, meet new people and there’s so much creative energy online. Happy blogging!

      1. Thanks! That’s very true… the creative energy is amazing and inspiring! I’m glad you made a blog in the end! Also, I totally understand the “not wanting to manage two sites”. I was thinking about something like this too. Like one site for my cat Murli and one just about photos and other interests. But I decided that Murlis life is part of my life. And so are the photos and all the interests. I’ll just blog about all and everything on one site. It’s just the way it is in reality 😺 Murli is family and it’s our life 💗 Have a awesome weekend!

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