Halloween in Bay Ridge

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Our neighbors are quite festive and we’d like to spread the spooky cheer!


I had to text our local friend because we really don’t remember our neighbors being this festive. She said that over the years the displays keep getting bigger and bigger. This actually helps. Last years Halloween sucked (and it was on a Saturday!). At least this years Halloween will be better than last but not as great as pre-covid. Vic and I don’t dress up, we like horror movies (not torture porn like Saw) and haunted house attractions. The really creepy, elaborate displays help for the lack of haunted houses due to covid.



I’ve been MIA. It’s been a year since my last post. I fell into a bad funk and couldn’t write at all. But things are starting to move along in the world which has been breathing some life back into me.



Walking around the Halloween houses helps my mood, makes me feel like I’m walking around non interactive haunted houses. When it’s safer the scary places will be open once again. It’s a bit hard to social distance when you’re crammed indoors for jump scares. 



Speaking of Covid, I broke really hard to the point where I thought I needed meds and and seeing (zooming) a psychiatrist. Glad to say she helped focus me but fuck, I never wanna go through another lockdown again. Right when I became fully vaxxed in May, I started to hysterical cry everyday. All day long because I realized – shit, I may be vaxxed but everywhere else has to catch up. It was hard mentally. I kept telling myself everything is fine, other people have it a lot worse but my mind just couldn’t take it anymore and even now it slips up. I don’t hate anyone I was in lockdown with, they just aren’t my crowd and I was stuck in Bay Ridge for a good 17 months. It was hard, I live a very Manhattan-centric life and the pace is very different. Manhattan has a chaotic energy vs my area is very tranquil. Everyone kept saying Manhattan wasn’t the same BUT it still had way more energy than my area in lockdown. 



I’m excited tourists are back November 8th. We’re the city that never sleeps after all and we were in a 19th month slumber. 



Halloween is already proving to be better than last years. 


5 thoughts on “Halloween in Bay Ridge

  1. Good to see you back! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you are doing better. It was easier for us out here in a very rural area. Plenty to do outside. The fires out west were the scary thing for us, last year especially, as they came close. Fortunately we did not have to evacuate.

    Those are beautiful and elaborate neighborhood Halloween displays.

    1. Hi! Just disappeared into my mind which isn’t a good thing. Much better now. Glad you are safe! Things would have been easier if I knew how to drive. My hubby does but he hates it. When my mind is in an even better place I have to learn to drive. I’m so scared at 41! That’s the bad thing about being city folk and having mass transit. Going out more helps a lot and my shrink helped focus me. Just funny, right when I thought things we’re going to get better I cracked. If we were rich and had a house, we’d set a huge budget for Halloween and Christmas. My bro in law was like, “That’s people who have too much money.” Vic and I were thinking ‘we’d do it.’ 🙂

  2. Great return post, and love the photos as always. We don’t do Halloween to the same level over here in the UK, but I remember being impressed and amused by the efforts in New Orleans from the very beginning of October.
    Glad to see you’re recovering from a devastating experience of the pandemic. Vaccines seem to be the way out, but we are still flirting with increasing numbers of infections here. I’m braced for more restrictions (but hopefully not a lockdown) because Flu is likely to add to the mix of problems… and we still have a surplus of idiots who think mask wearing in crowded places is against their human rights. What about our human rights not to be infected by morons!?

    1. Wrote the Halloween post to spread some cheer. They find a way to market and make money off everything here. Maybe it’s a money making machine but we do enjoy the festivities. ha. We have that issue here too. I have friends in healthcare and they told me to make sure I get booster and the thing is, vaccines are plentiful. My friends are upset that they aren’t rolling out the boosters fast enough for vaccinated people since hospitalizations are creeping up for that group. When they told me they see so many vaccines get thrown out…Sigh. It’s rather upsetting. We never went in a full lockdown like other places, I think America would revolt. We locked down but it was “suggested to stay home”. I know other countries really enforce it. Covid did make me take my health more seriously which is good. I’m phobic of doctors and bloodwork. But I finally went and so far high cholesterol. I can deal with that, it’s hereditary. Things is I eat so much healthier than Vic and mine is worse than his. He’s all red meat and sugar. Ha. But I’ll take cholesterol over diabetes. I wasn’t surprised just disappointed with my results. But glad I finally established a relationship with a doctor. Everything is fine just trying to be an adult (don’t like it – ha). Take Care!

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