Halloween in Dyker Heights

Dyker is the neighborhood east of where we live in Bay Ridge. Love how festive our neighbors are. Dyker is known for their Christmas spirit.


When everything was locked down we stayed home so much we could barely walk stairs and a few blocks without huffing and puffing. In March we started walking 3 miles and day and we’re doing much better now. So much better that when we hike in the Hudson Valley, we aren’t hurting for days like we before covid. So I guess this is a covid pro. 


Vic went to junior high in Dyker. I find it interesting he and our Bay Ridge friend have no trace of a NY accent. They grew up in the thick of heavy Brooklyn/NY accents and not a peep comes out of them. I don’t have one either but I do have some NY in me, you just have to pay attention to how I say some words:

horror is harrah

terror is terrah

mirror is mirrah

drawers is draws.


Dyker is a very residential area compared to ours. Not many restaurants and not really by the train either. Vic had to take two busses to junior high and one of our nephews goes there. The nephew takes the bus and Christmas.


All these decorations makes us want a house so we an go nuts decorating. I don’t really want a house, they are so much work and upkeep. We prefer apartment living because someone else shovels the snow, dumps the garbage, etc. There are perks to house owning, you can do what you want for the most part. In condos and coops there are a lot of rules to live by. Coops tend to be stricter than condos because you own shares of the building in a  coop; a condo you own your unit. We think coop living is a NY thing, we haven’t heard of them in other states. Let me know if you have heard of coops in your state. Thanks!


The houses with the animatronics are amazing. It really does give me the satisfaction of a haunted house attraction feel. If I knew how to drive I’d want to go to a haunted drive through. We will be going back to Philly to get our spook on and we are excited. October 2019, we went to Oaxaca for Day of the Dead and did our usual haunted house stuff  state side. We’ve been upping our spook game over the years by going to more and more haunted attractions that it felt so out of place Halloween 2020 doing nothing.


There’s a bad thing about walking to Dyker…pastries. There’s a really good bakery. Tasty Pastry and they really are tasty pastries. We like their cannolis, napoleons, linzer cookies, focaccia bread, spinach pizza, chicken rolls, etc. Sometimes we’re good and we just get the spinach pizza and tomato onion focaccia.


Have a Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Halloween in Dyker Heights

  1. I haven’t noticed a New Yawker accent in your speech, but then it’s not like we talk about the terror in horror movies or the mirror hanging over a chest of drawers. 😉 I’ve read that one effect of TV is that it’s flattened out regional dialects: for instance, the Southern “drawl” is heard a lot less now than 30 years ago. A native Georgian pointed out to me however that so many non-natives have moved into the state, especially into the Atlanta area, that you’re more likely to hear the Midwestern “flat” (no accent, no twang, no breaking of words into different sounds) than the traditional “drawl.” I suppose the same applies to New York: people from all over the country moving into the city and tossing the salad a little more. It dilutes the original mix but keeps the dish fresh.

    1. I say ‘draws’ not drawers. No accent, just say some words funny. ha/ read that too, that people move tom much now for accents. My parents and aunt don’t have accents either, we just say a few key words funny.

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