Curacao is part of a trio of islands known as the ABC islands. They are off the coast of Venezuela and you will often read they are outside the hurricane belt. Once I read they were low on the hurricane belt. Either way, when it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean, the ABC islands have a low risk of getting hit since they are outside the belt. They do get hit with rain and tropical storms but the frequency of hurricanes average 28.8 years for this area. Continue reading


Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is an uninhabited island off the coast of Curacao. They are known for their sea turtle sightings off shore. An added bonus is an abandoned lighthouse and the wrecks on the windward side. Continue reading

Jebus Mews Photography

We are happy to announce our portfolio and web store.

Showcasing our underwater, nature, and landscape photography.

Starting tomorrow November 23rd, 30% off prices below for the next two weeks.

Types of images available:

Photographs on paper (in sizes 4 x 6 in, 8 x 12 in, 10 x 15 in) –  $1.50 -$16 sizes

Prints on museum quality canvases/giclees  (in sizes 8 x 12 in, 10 x 15 in)  – $110 – $190

Prints on metal (in sizes 4 x 6in and 8 x 12 in)- $51 – $77

Note cards (5 x 7 in) – 1 card $8.50 / box 10 $40

Our store is run through Smugmug (they handle customer service) and we use Bay Photo as our lab.

Follow us on Facebook for news on whatever we’re up to and special promotion announcements.

At the end of the year a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Dancing for Animals. We donated our Jebus Santa picture to them for their 2015 Christmas Cards. They raise funds by hosting dancing events to give grants to animal welfare organizations and to support their educational programs.

I thank fellow blogger and friend Hangaku Gozen for giving me that extra push to get this up and running. I asked her opinion and she liked the idea and that helped me get over my hesitation.

More images available on at

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Turks and Caicos Islands: Above and Below Water

Grace Bay Beach is one of the nicest beaches we’ve been to. We stayed at Windsong by the reef. Victor is a fish and I make an effort to book places where snorkeling is close by. During this trip I learned that snorkeling with an ill fitting mask is nature’s neti pot. Sea water would pour out from his nose hours after. It was disgusting every time he tilted his head. Besides that we highly recommend this island chain for underwater lovers. Continue reading