Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

Subject B & Subject C – The Humans Have Been Broken

It has been 2 years since I published a piece. I took time off to dedicate myself to my experiment of withholding affection. My post from June 9, 2018 was the beginning.

Things have evolved quite a bit actually; maybe even backfired a little.

It was 2 years of Subject B saying,

“You don’t love me…”

“Why don’t you love me more.”

“Maybe I’ll adopt another cat, I miss having a lap cat.”

“I miss having a dance partner.” (Seriously you need friends human.)

“I wouldn’t mind a daughter, let’s get a calico, I miss calicos…”

“If you don’t love me more I’ll bring home more cats…”

Subject C, “You spoil them too much. Now they expect you to go to them and do everything for them. Now they want to cuddle how they want it.”

Me, in my paper 4 months ago: Withholding affection for 2 years is a success. I can bend  the will of Subject B and C, they do whatever I want especially Subject B, girl human. 

And then on March 21, 2020 – THIS HAPPENS:

Baloo (black cat), Alvin (black & white), and Tatum (tiger).

This is a major experiment fail. I have 3 more cats in the apartment “due to Covid-19 quarantine.” SIGH.

The humans call it fostering. I personally don’t know how to feel about this. They say it’s fostering 3 cats from the shelter Subject B volunteers at. I’ve been threatened with bringing home 1 cat but 3?!

It’s time for my catnap now. It’s exhausting having so many humans and cats around.

Got these news glasses from Not so Kitty and new tie from Woof Wag West for Pride Month on Etsy. Happy Pride! Excuse the mess in the background. The humans don’t dump garbage as frequently due to covid. They literally only go out 1-2x a week at most. It’s exhausting.

2 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

  1. A neighbor cat came by and said hello the other day, and I realized when I gave him a scritch that I hadn’t had fur time for months. Used to be I’d get loads while volunteering at the shelter.

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