Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

Subject B & Subject C – The Humans Have Been Broken

It has been 2 years since I published a piece. I took time off to dedicate myself to my experiment of withholding affection. My post from June 9, 2018 was the beginning.

Things have evolved quite a bit actually; maybe even backfired a little. Continue reading


The Amazing Acro-cats

Yeah, you read that right – a cat acrobat show.

The Amazing Acro-cats is a small circus troupe of cats and other domestic animals by animal trainer Samantha Martin. Her animals are clicker trained and they go back to their cages when a whistle is blown. Most are her pets but some cats are fosters and available for adoption. All the animals are rescues and strays. She wants to inspire people to clicker train their cats. She even explains how this can be handy in emergency situations like when you need to find them quickly if there’s a fire. Continue reading

Jebus Mews: Fatman V Super Meow

This all started a few years ago when my Aunt and Uncle inherited me. Here I was this 10 year cat moving into an already established cat home. You know how we get sometimes – we like to pee. To get Andrea to shut the hell up about cleaning the floor daily, that asshole Victor pimped out my soul. He said to dress me up because I’m not the type to fight back. She hasn’t bitched about my spraying ever since. Continue reading