Charlie Brown, You’re the Browniest

There’s nothing like a Charlie Brown Christmas. This is and will always be my favorite Christmas window. My Dad is a big Peanuts fan and I guess that rubbed off on me. When it was that time of year we’d head to Tribeca (the Tribeca Grand Hotel stands there now) to go to the nursery and we’d get the Charlie Brown tree. It would be lopsided or part of the bottom would be missing. You get the point, we bought the saddest trees because my Dad felt bad for them and I loved my Christmas trees. Still do. Continue reading


Dicken’s Village at Macy’s

It’s the New Year, hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Christmas cheer hit me after Christmas so I won’t feel too silly posting these in January. I still have to go through my pictures from the NYC Macy’s window. They were my favorite for 2015 and will hopefully get those up in a few days. This one is about Macy’s in Philly.

The day after Christmas we drove to Philly with our cousin and his girlfriend for food and holiday stuff. Continue reading

NY Botanical Garden: Holiday Train Show

We went to the NY Botanical Garden 4-5 years ago for the annual Holiday Train Show. It was a bitter & extremely freezing cold day in December. I was super excited because I love trains but when I got there I realized the show is all about the model structures which was a nice surprise. They are made out of natural plant based resins and materials. The details were impressive. Continue reading

It’s Christmas Time! Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Christmas is my favorite time of year. If I had a house it would be decorated inside and out. When Christmas is over – I start planning for the next one. I love the festivities, the decorations. I love how the city gets all decked out in lights. Lucky me, I live in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights is right next to us, they are known for their holiday lights. Continue reading