Ellms Farm Pumpkin Glow Drive Through

“How many kids are with you tonight?” The staff at check in asked.

A bit awkward we answered, “Us, 3 adults.” Then started laughing.



Vic and I like our spooks and scares, haunted houses every October is our thing. Our friend doesn’t really like the scary stuff so we did the pumpkin drive through which was really fun. We also bought the ticket that came with a dozen cider donuts, a gallon of apple cider, and kettle corn! These pumpkins show amazing skills – pumpkin masterpieces! The pics don’t really give the pumpkins that “wow” feel, this is a better experience in person. I’ve been curious about pumpkin carvings for a while but the ones near us require a car to get to so we never go. This time around we had our friend driving.

All of us are amazed we didn’t gain weight on this trip but we were sick for a while. I made sure to eat healthy when I got back. I’m beginning to understand what people mean that at a certain age it’s best not to binge on junk. We had a well rounded lunch but got stupid for dinner.





We loved Ellms Farm cider donuts, they are the best we ever had!










One thought on “Ellms Farm Pumpkin Glow Drive Through

  1. “A bit awkward we answered, “Us, 3 adults.” Then started laughing.” Now that is a classic 🙂 A good way to start any trip 🙂 The photos are fabulous, and especially the opening one – loved it. Cheers to the beginning of the holiday season later this week ~ take care.

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