Saratoga Springs

Woohoo! Our first trip in 2 years! We decided to stay local and not fly because we weren’t sure how things would turn out when we planned this trip back in Feb 2021. I’ve been curious about Saratoga Springs, NY since forever (maybe 20 years) and early October 2021 was the right time. Saratoga is a quaint, cute, pretty town. It is known as “The Queen of Spas” and the oldest racetrack in America. For a lot of the 19th and 20th centuries, they were known for gambling, horse racing, and health resorts.


We met up with our friend in Tarrytown, NY and she drove us to Saratoga. Under theTappan Zee Bridge (aka Mario Cuomo bridge) you can make out tall shadows which is Manhattan. We love hanging out by the Hudson River in Tarrytown. 

In 1691, the Brits built Fort Saratoga on the western shores of the Hudson River. The current village of Schuylerville is about a mile south and was known as Saratoga until 1831. Native Americans believed the local springs were sacred; about 10 miles south in a village now called High Rock Spring. William Johnson, a British solider from the French and Indian War was brought here in 1767 to treat his wounds. The Mohonk and other native Americans believed the carbonated water was stirred up by the God Manitou which gave it it’s healing properties. These are the only carbonated springs east of the Rocky Mountains. We didn’t get around to tastings the springs. Click here to find out where to taste the spring water.


Europeans began settling the area in 1776. Saratoga Springs has been a resort destination for over 200 years. Gideon Putnam was the man that created the resort in the wilderness back in 1802. His tavern was 3 stories and across from Congress Spring. The tavern and area evolved over the years becoming what it is today. There’s a great possibly that the area wouldn’t have been developed if it weren’t for the springs because mineral water was a tradition for Europeans. The railroads arrived in 1831, leading to a tourist boom.



Horse racing isn’t my thing so I would only visit during off season. Horse season starts in July and lasts 40 days. I don’t wear fur, minimal leather, trying to cut down on meats and seafood so you get the gist. We all live differently but you can see horse racing season would drive me bonkers. 1863, marks the year when thoroughbreds met for racing and this is where their racing history comes in.



Saratoga has really good food. Hattie’s has amazing soul food! I can’t stop craving for this place.



Broadway is their main street and the Victorian buildings lining it are lovely. Normally we travel mostly car free but we went away with our friend and she drives. It’s better to have a car here but you can take Amtrak and it’s 4 hours north of NYC, about 3 by car. We were able to walk to Saratoga Springs Spa State Park from our Airbnb. The food was surprisingly really good. We walked into this with no expectations.


I forgot to take a pic but make sure you stop at Saratoga Olive Oil Company. A few places mentioned them and they are delicious. Try some samples and buy stuff for home or as gifts! I bought garlic olive oil, rosemary olive oil, lemon balsamic vinegrette, and grapefruit vinegrette. Also read they are rated top 5 places to buy olive oil. Click here to check out their website.


We ate at Old Bryan Inn on our last day. Pre-revolutionary tavern and the food was yummy.


Potato wedges covered in beef short ribs. I don’t eat red meat but they said it was really good.

This little trip felt great, I felt normal up there. Vic pointed out that we still wore our masks and I’m a germaphobe by nature so cleaned everyone’s hands all the time. It was the trip which was normal like our old pre covid routine that made me feel great. Saratoga Springs area has good vaxx rates. We can’t wait to go back!


Steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Vic was very happy.


Turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans, and mashed potatoes. My tummy was very happy.


Salmon, wild rice, and green beans.


Vanilla ice cream and apple crisp. No idea why I can’t center this pic!

It also felt good hanging out with someone else, someone down to earth. We went away with our friend who has extra time because she’s divorcing. We don’t see her as much since she had kids. It was nice for me to have conversations other than investments, real estate, people moaning about getting old (I know people in their 70s that live life more fully than some folks I know in their 40s), have non homophobic conversations, non racist conversations, non classist conversations, etc. As you can see my social circle dwindled in shutdown and I grew to hate my life. That’s why I started seeing a shrink. 19 fucking months of conversations like this didn’t make me feel good and really made me rethink things. I’ve lived in NYC all my life and have known people for a long time; people are changing not so much in good ways or I’m just finding out who they have always been. I repeat, it felt good to have conversations not like the ones I just mentioned. It was hard to leave Saratoga. This was the first time in over a year I felt normal.



10 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs

  1. Us Brits build castles back here at home… Wales has more castles per square inch than any other country on the planet!! Clearly, on our travels we downsize to just building forts (hahaha!). Anyway, you get me digressing… Saratoga looks great, but those food pics have got me feeling hungry.
    Keep enjoying your renewed travels, and let’s all hope the worst of the nightmare is behind us. Looking forward to more travels to come in 2022.

    1. You would LOVE Hattie’s! It was comparable to Savannah and Charleston! She was from north of Baton Rouge. I don’t normally like collard greens but these were not overcooked and had a touch of lemon.

      Castles in the UK (from pics) make me think of dragons and knights. Never get that feeling when looking at castles in other countries. Love to see them one day. Been eyeing Hadrian’s Wall inn to inn walk (always wanted to see Hadrian’s wall after watching a special on it as a kid). Fingers crossed 2022 is better but hate to admit, I’m scared. We’re headed towards a red wave. People are very angry about masks, vaccines, and all that stuff. We’ll just stay vaxxed, masked and keep living however best we can. At least I know I can hop on Amtrak and get Hattie’s! Amtrak has air filters like planes:)

  2. What a wonderful interlude! Many of us have learned things about our friends that we wished we didn’t during the past few years. I had no idea how many acquaintances were ideological polar opposites. I’ve noticed their points of view and reduced contact accordingly. Take care of yourself.

    1. Aw, thanks. I’m doing better but it still comes back at times. The more “normal” we get, the better I get. Hope you are doing good. Always thought of myself as a homebody but now I wanna go out all the time. Ha.

    1. yes! It’s really hard to get myself back. guess 19 months “w not quite my crowd” will do that to someone. We just became new home owners and won’t have time for day trips right now 😦 BUT I just cracked and booked Lisbon because our Canada trip got cancelled again 🙂 Vic didn’t want to go because he took it maybe things need to settle w the new place. It’s only 4 nights so I don’t care, need it for my sanity. Lisbon is just a tad longer from NY to LA. Vaxx rates higher than NYC! We’re both freshly boostered so there’s no way in hell I’m missing my highest immunity vaxx travel window.

  3. From Cheryl

    *Cold Spring* (if they haven’t already visited there) A lovely town with lots of Antique shops and very good restaurants and cafes. Also its along the Hudson River and has boat rides.

    Best thing is they can take the Metro North train to Cold Spring which stops right in the middle of the town.

    On Thu, Nov 4, 2021, 9:57 AM Jebus Mews & Andrea wrote:

    > JebusandAndrea posted: ” Woohoo! Our first trip in 2 years! We decided to > stay local and not fly because we weren’t sure how things would turn out > when we planned this trip back in Feb 2021. I’ve been curious about > Saratoga Springs, NY since forever (maybe 20 years) and early Oc” >

  4. 🙂 Congratulations on your first true travels of this brave new world we live 🙂 I’m fascinated by the meal at Old Bryan Inn on your last day. Over the past couple years, I’ve read much about American history (Pre-Revolutionary-Post times), and I seriously love imagining myself in those times. Although, I do have to admit, like you in your current post ~ while I definitely do well with no amenities, the comforts of modern time would be tough to do without! Your post also got me thinking one of the great things I had over the past two years were bouncing between Czech and the USA, so whenever I had past the point of frustrations with politics and crap, I was literally able to move onto a different continent 🙂 Wish you and Vic well ~ take care.

    1. The inn is so well taken care of it looks like it was built yesterday! Wish Saratoga was a little closer, want to go back to eat. Keep thinking of the fried chicken at collard greens at Hatties. Keep eating similar things back home and it’s not the same, not even close. I’ve been in an Americana mood. Reading a book about The Dust Bowl and really enjoying it. Think I may read about Pittsburg next. They’ve been on my mind for the last few years (industrial America) and we bumped into a Pittsburg couple at the haunted house in Philly. It’s a sign. Sounds silly but I didn’t realize how there would be similarities between history in NY and Pittsburgh: labor, industry, immigration, etc. Been looking at domestic travel back up plans just in case we cant go very far. There are things closer to home I’ve always been curious about but never put the effort in going. I’m afraid to say it because I’m superstitious…we have better weather luck when we fly far away. NE travel weather tends to work out when we travel w friends.

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