What a Wonderful World….

Louie…yeah, let’s cheer for Louis Armstrong one of the greatest jazz musicians ever!

I actually meant to post about our Oaxaca, Mexico vacation but I keep forgetting to ask Vic to edit them. Since this virus thing and all is keeping us at home I’ve had to look for other ways to entertain myself because I need a bit more than Netflix and Disney Plus. Virtual views at museums are addictive! I enjoy them (MoMA tours at home = no crowds!). Louis Armstrong House Museum I’d like to visit once things calm down. I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile but it’s like a 2 hour commute by train from my place so as you see I still haven’t made the trek in person all these years.

Louis was one of my Dad’s favorites and he would play his music all the time. My Dad loved his voice and said it got better with age. My appreciation of jazz and blues comes from my Dad. I don’t know much about it and actually don’t listen to it often (maybe a few times a year) but one of my favorite things to listen to is The Complete Collections of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

Louie’s career spanned 5 decades. He was born in New Orleans (a bucklist list trip we need to take so I can bask in all the blues, jazz, and Cajun music to my hearts content). According to the video that’s shown here he wasn’t sure of his exact birthday, wiki says August 4, 1901 and the video says July 4th. He was a trumpeter, vocalist, composer, and actor. This legend was indicted in the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame in 2017.

Let me not bore you and hope you enjoy a tour of Louie’s House in Corona, Queens. We really enjoyed the video and had to share it with you. Apparently quite a few jazz greats lived in the neighborhood! Now I really have to get my lazy ass on the train and take that 2 hour ride to check it out in person.

Click here to visit the museum.

I won’t get into quarantine stuff too much but would like to say to everyone, “Stay safe and healthy.” I know this is affecting all of us in different ways. So far we’ve been ok but we do know quite a few people who have had the virus, some recovered, and some have passed. Stay well and we’ll all get through this. Take Care.


6 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World….

  1. This was absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing. I always like Louis Arms jazz music. He dazzled your heart.

  2. Two hours by train is a long ride! But by the time the quarantine is over, you’ll probably be antsy to get out and travel all over town. 🙂 Corona has some good Latin American restaurants as well, so maybe you can enjoy lunch while you’re out there.

    Glad to hear you’re well! I’m so tired of looking at these four walls and listening to my neighbors yell and pound the walls, but I remind myself that I’m lucky to be able to stay home and be safe. Take care and hope to see you some time this year!

    1. May be more like next year (to be safe). I’m finally feeling it. Been a bit grumpy but nothing is really bothering me probably too much indoor time. We took a walk yest and that was the first time in a month. I remind myself I have all these things to entertain me. When I feel annoyed I remind myself it ain’t the depression or WWII. There may be shortages but we aren’t being rationed. I’ll text you I’ve been a little lazy with email.

  3. Loved this, and just put on a Louis album to keep this great mood going 🙂 His music seems to bring out the life in the spirit – he simply brilliant. Great post.

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