Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is like a Spanish NY to us. La Boca is our Little Italy, San Telmo is like our LES, Recoleta our 5th Ave, Palermo SoHo our SoHo, Puerto Madero our DUMBO. We didn’t expect to it to feel like home except everyone spoke Spanish and instead of break dancers in the street – you have tango.  And a lot of stuff was made in China just like the states. One thing they have that we don’t – gelato from Chocolates Rapa Nui – lemon pie and triple tentacion is to die for.

The best part of Buenos Aires – I got to spend more time with my friends, Romi and Damien. Romi and I first met by mail maybe around 18 years ago through International Pen Friend. We wrote for years, lost touch a bit, and thanks to Facebook – hooked up again. In 2012, they came to NY and we met for the first time. A few months later we went to Argentina.


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