Jebus Mews: It’s Tummy Rub Tuesday with

This is for

They suggested I enter my tummy shots for their Tummy Rub Tuesday blogroll. I wasn’t planning on any more nude shots but for a cat blog – hell yeah.

I’m flattered…MEOW. I have a fabulously soft belly.

tn_DSC_8943 tn_DSC04988 tn_DSC_8948 tn_DSC_8947


9 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: It’s Tummy Rub Tuesday with

    1. Is it ok to post cats that I had in the past for TRT? I was looking for more tummy pics of Jebus and found a really cute one of Fingers and Kitten. I miss my little guys. Fingers (16 years) went to sleep in Oct ’14 and Kitten (18 years) in July ’14. Jebus is 14. I guess my babies are more like little old men.

      1. Oh no so sorry to hear you lost them. But of course we are more than happy to feature them!!! Might not be able to put all in the same week but we can do one a week. :)?

      2. Goodie, have a funny one of Fingers – its my fav tummy. Of all my cats, Jebus is the most chill, laid back cat ever. I can’t believe he hasn’t killed me yet for dressing him. He doesn’t bite or scratch. He runs away when he’s had enough. If I can get the Mohawk I ordered for him to stay on. I’m planning a CBGB themed post in the near future.

  1. Hi, Jebus! Your friend CreekviewCarol here. Just wanted to congratulate you for having your blog featured on Katzenworld’s #TRT!! My sister Ethel’s gut made the post this week, too. Hopefully this will put an end to her incessant complaints of starvation. But I’m not going to hold my breath! Anyway, congrats and keep up the good work!

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