Turks and Caicos Islands: Above and Below Water

Grace Bay Beach is one of the nicest beaches we’ve been to. We stayed at Windsong by the reef. Victor is a fish and I make an effort to book places where snorkeling is close by. During this trip I learned that snorkeling with an ill fitting mask is nature’s neti pot. Sea water would pour out from his nose hours after. It was disgusting every time he tilted his head. Besides that we highly recommend this island chain for underwater lovers. We didn’t get to explore much because one tour we booked killed our budget but it was totally worth the money.

We took the Heart of the Islands tour with Big Blue Unlimited. We got to see Middle and North Caicos and ate lunch at a lady’s house (it was our favorite meal). Mudjin Harbor in Middle Caicos is real pretty. From the harbor you can see Dragon Cay. North Caicos is so green. Most people stay on Providenciales but if you can afford to tack on trips or stays on the other islands – my bet is that they will be worth it.


Birds & Critters


 Pot Cakes

Pot cakes are the adorable dogs you see all over the island. You can even adopt them.


Some info about pot cakes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potcake_dog


Above Water


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