Reading Terminal Market & Philly

If it wasn’t for Food Network we would never have gone to Philly. We can be a bit cocky about our city of NY. That cockiness would have prevented us from ever hopping on a train and heading here.

We LOVE Philly. It’s about 2 hours away. Center City is small and walkable which is handy for 2 non driving people.

It’s a wonderful food city. One of our favorite places is Reading Terminal Market. Food lovers will rejoice. Some of our favorites are Kevan Parker’s soul food, Beiler’s Donuts, 4th Street Cookies, and Smucker’s Quality Meats. On our way to the Italian Market we ate at Ralph’s the oldest Italian restaurant in America. It’s a cute old world spot. Amis, another Italian place isn’t too far away – we can’t wait to eat there again.

The more we visit Philly, the more we love it. The food, street art, museums, and quaint streets are perfect for those moments we need a break and aren’t able to go far from home.


5 thoughts on “Reading Terminal Market & Philly

    1. Absolutely LOVE Philly! I admit we were absolute jerks for never thinking about you guys till Food Network. Luckily we have a foodie cousin who drives so I can always get him to go for a day trip. Next time we’re taking the bus and staying a couple days. Our cousin doesn’t appreciate walking around and exploring as much as we do. Can’t wait to see more nooks and crannies!

    1. Will check it out next week! Headed to Eastern State Penn for Terror Behind the Walls. Don’t think I noticed Basset. Always hitting our food vendors. Very fattening trip. At least we walk and explore a lot. Helps balance it out.

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