A Winter Stroll Through Central Park

I love winter. It’s the cleanest the city air will ever smell. My favorite weather is high 20Fs-30Fs no wind. The last few winters haven’t been the same. Don’t like Arctic blasts or it’s usually warm at times. Most of all – I LOVE snow. It feels magical to me.


3 thoughts on “A Winter Stroll Through Central Park

    1. Finland is definitely on our list! We’d like to check out the ice hotel. I’m sure it will be mind blowing there. We spent 3 nights in Iceland and 9 in Paris. We realized we made a big mistake. We should have spent less time in Paris. It was hard to leave all that beauty behind.

    2. Really like your pics of the Arctic Circle and the ice hotel. There’s something about Scandinavia. There’s only one word I can think of to express how I feel – magical.

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