Let Them Eat Cake


In 1682, Louis XIV moved the seat of political power from Paris to Versailles. After the beginning of the French Revolution the royal family was forced to move back to Paris in October 1789.

tn_DSC_9082  tn_DSC_9089

When we walked inside I kept thinking, “No wonder they got guillotined.”


King’s Chamber.

tn_DSC_9163  tn_DSC_9175    tn_DSC_9210

It was very decadent.

tn_DSC_9220  tn_DSC_9244  tn_DSC_9278  tn_DSC_9303  tn_DSC_9327  tn_DSC_9331

Taste wise we preferred D’Orsay, Louvre, Garnier Opera House. Versailles was nice but a bit too much for us. We like the quieter toned areas.


The Chapel.

tn_DSC_9099  tn_DSC_9104    tn_DSC_9123  tn_DSC_9124

The gardens were being fixed up in winter.






8 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. sorry but not a suburb, a completely different city than Paris, in a completely different administrative area Yvelines dept 78. I know lived there for 10 years ::)

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