Croton Dam & The Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

This is one of the easiest trails we can get to by public transport (Metro North). The old Croton Aqueduct Trail runs from Croton Dam to Yonkers. It goes through backyards, parking lots, and in some areas it’s just you, the trees and the occasional walker, jogger, biker. It’s a nice change of pace from the hustle of the city.


If I’m lucky, I GET TO SEE DEERS! There’s 3 in this picture below. Can you find them? Deers are treats for me. I can still count the number of deer I’ve seen on 2 hands.


The view at the top of Croton Dam was the best part. The view was stunning for our leafy green starved souls.


It was a freakishly warm spring day during this walk. These pictures were taken around mid April last year. I was hoping to post them later in the year but I decided to post this now since I have pics from this weekend I’d like to post about soon and it made sense starting at Croton dam.



Yup, that’s a boat down there. We couldn’t figure that out.


We tend to go on our walking excursions in Fall (no reason just happens that way). We finally walked another part of the trail in summer. It’s pretty but even prettier in summer. This weekend we walked a different section from Ossining to Philipse Manor. The Rockefeller Preserve connects to the Aqueduct trail in a few spots which is really nice because we can hit a state preserve without having to hop in a car!


Really like the stone work of the dam.


It’s so massive. You can get an idea of it’s size by looking at the teeny tiny people.


It’s always so nice to get a breath of fresh air.


In the next post about the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, I’ll get into the history of it. It’s an amazing historic trail that connects towns, a state preserve and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (pics linked here).



8 thoughts on “Croton Dam & The Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

    1. Thanks! I’m hooked on the Old Croton Trail. So many things link up to it, it’s great for exploring. I’ve always wanted to explore the Hudson by walking. I’m so thankful for metro north getaways. Not sure if I’d ever learn about it otherwise.

    1. Love the trail. Enjoy being able to explore a place outside the city. The Hudson Valley is pretty.

      I,m reading a book about the old Five Points section of NYC. It’s Chinatown now. Read Manhattan was a lot hiller at one time. There use to be a 100 foot hill in Five points. A lot of hills were leveled to fill ponds, rivers, etc. Never knew that thought it was always a flat.

      We almost didn’t have a Hudson Valley view. The palisades were saved due to preservationists. Read that at one time the cliffs were used for our sidewalks and other things. Been on a NY history kick lately.

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