Jebus Mews: Introducing Dr. Chewie Wells

My name is Dr. Chewie Wells. I’m from Wards Island, NY, a small island in the East River connected to Randall’s Island where they have all the concerts. My island is home to Manhattan Psychiatric Center or as my human calls it, “the city nuthouse.” So it should come as no surprise that I have a PhD in psychology and specialize in “Human Behavior.”

One day over dinner with my colleagues which was provided by my human’s mother’s boss (referred to as Subject A from now on) who fed the feral cats; it hit me – what makes cat people tick? That’s when we, the cats, decided to conduct studies.   

Observations: The Rescue

Subject A had two kitties with FIV so she decided to adopt me out. She trap neuter returns (TNR) the ferals and adopts out the sociable strays from Wards Island.

One December day in 2015, I jumped into a well and waited. Subject A noticed I was missing for a few days and searched everywhere for me. She found me in a well about 7 feet deep. Instead of waiting for security to bring a ladder she jumped in to get me and badly sprained her ankles and walked funny  with crutches for weeks.


Me after being rescued and vetted. I had fleas but otherwise was in good health. (A lot of animals are abandoned on Wards Island. Adopt Don’t Shop.)

I was cleaned up, dewormed and adopted to my humans: Victor and Andrea on December 9th.

Why did Subject A jump in well? She couldn’t wait a few minutes longer?  The question is: What makes cat people tick? That’s what we felines really want to know.


This is me, Dr. Chewie.


15 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Introducing Dr. Chewie Wells

  1. It is funny, but a lot of people who would run from a house fire or an oncoming hurricane will willingly endanger themselves for a single kitten. I’m not sure that’s me (too cynical and old, I think) but I’m glad Subject A rescued you from that well, Dr. Chewie!

    1. To some extent I think Subject A lost it for a few minutes because security was fetching a ladder. But oh well, it was getting cold waiting in that well so it was nice to be scooped up fast.

  2. There is a very strong bond between pets and people
    a subject I know well
    I was away on vacation and call to check
    On my pet at the hotel where she was staying
    Got the word she wasn’t eating
    Came home early just to get her and take her home
    So if it’s a well
    I can see it

    1. My human can be paranoid about my health too. You are a good pet owner. Sometimes the pet sitter holds the phone to my ear so I can hear the human talk about missing me even though they booked the trip away from home.

  3. Pleezed to meet you Dogtur Chewie Wellss…
    LadyMum sayss yur quite thee ‘looker’…hey LadyMum eyes on mee onlee, mew mew mew…
    Fankss fur stopping bye our bloggie!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

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