Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie


They brought home another cat. After listening to all the cat voices coming out of the TV and computer, I thought those would be the only siblings I would have, siblings that couldn’t eat my food, sleep in my bed and play with my toys. Then one day a yowling cage came home. At first I thought it was a dream. I sleep deeply, so deeply that when Subject B and C come home I yawn meow at them and my eyes stay squinty for 5 minutes.

Jiminy suffers from Human Social Anxiety Disorder (HSAD). He wants attention from the humans but he gets nervous just from seeing them. He’ll rub on them, then flinch away and comes running back. If they walk to close to him he panics and runs away. This guy even sprained his ankle a couple times because he was so busy panicking that he jumped from the top perch when they walked by. He is happy here yet he still doesn’t quite know how to feel about the humans.


A few days after Jiminy arrived home. We adopted him from Anjellicle Cats Rescue, they specialize in rescuing from the city’s at risk shelter and their goal is to make NYC a no kill city.

After all of Subject B’s whining about my lack of attention given to her and threats of bringing home another cat – it happened. Guess that’s what I get for ignoring her all the time.


We socialize with each other a lot.

He’s okay. I am learning to adjust to the changes. I get to eat extra food and beat him up too. He’s very needy for me. The needy cat humans brought home a needy cat for cats. I don’t understand how that makes sense. Now I have a cat that needs me and people that need me. I do enjoying playing with him and sometimes we lick each other. We’ll see if he warms up to the humans. He does lick Subject B’s hand sometimes.



Happy Halloween! Bowtie from



6 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

  1. Oh Chewie! I bet you’ll be a good brother to Jiminy. It’s hard to share your parents with another cat, but they love you even more for being part of the family. Hugs and tummy rubs!

  2. This picture is hilarious! Such a good little to dress for such a, um, good cause. I’ve never had a cat with HSAD. Poor baby. Hopefully little Jiminy has a buddy to help him along. So sweet.

    1. Jiminy is doing very good. He now sleeps with me and the humans. We cuddle. He’s a bit needy so after a while, I like to hit him a little so he knows his boundaries. Mew. Happy New Year!

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