Jebus Mews: Studies of Dr. Chewie

Coming in Second.

Jiminy is getting used to the humans but he’s still really needy for me. He always tried to cuddle and lick me. I hit him once in a awhile; I have a busy day of sleeping and studying. My hours for reading are limited since cats sleep a lot, we sleep 12-16 hours a day.

It’s like Jiminy is my shadow. He’s usually within five feet of me at all times except when he needs the bathroom.

Jiminy is beginning to learn that when I look at him a certain way or hit him several times to go somewhere else. I am done with being licked and I like my space when I sleep. He always tries to squeeze in. The other day, I slapped him and he went running to Subject B and she was so happy. He’s finally learned to go to them when I need my time.

The humans are slobs and never make their bed. We prefer sleeping on top of the sheets anyway.

The humans were telling a friend, Subject D, a woman who volunteers at the same cat group Subject B volunteers for about how Jiminy finally comes running for attention after I’m sick of him. I have two needy humans and a needy cat. I get sensory overload, it’s just too much. D knows Jiminy from the shelter, says to B and starts laughing, “Aw, aren’t you happy coming in second?” B is beaming that Jiminy finally wants attention.

The lesson is: Teach the humans to learn to know their place. Cats rule.

Private time in my study.


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