Along the Way to Avatar

Our last day in Port Renfew was spent hiking Avatar Grove, a patch of forest saved by the Ancient Forest Alliance. I forgot the names of the areas we drove through, some of it is First Nations land. Everyday at the cottage I wondered what as across the water and finally got to check it out.

Aww…lookie here, we have river otter tracks! Sadly, no otters were seen.

River Otter Tracks.

The was a nice quick stop before we set off again.

First Nations.


9 thoughts on “Along the Way to Avatar

  1. I’m still awed by the blue skies. I’ve seen skies in the Northwest like that only once, and everyone was complaining about how hot it was. (It was 85, which to a Californian is like spring.)

    Maybe this is a banal question, but were there places to eat out there, or did you have to pack in your own food? I don’t mind a picnic lunch in such beautiful surroundings, but sometimes I want to sit at a table and have a hot meal. 🙂

    1. We had to pack food but in POrt Renfew there are 3 places to eat at. Prob be best to get some groceries. We didn’t think of anything about walking down the road at night but our guided reminded us there are bears. So be very careful.

      We have great luck, the sky was blue.

      1. There were some real incredible things that Canada has that the US can’t come close to and all within a car ride
        That’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about it

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