We didn’t want our Canadian half of the trip to end because Seattle meant we would be flying home in 2 days. But Seattle also meant meeting a new friend, blogger Travel Gourmand. We tried to link up with a handful of other bloggers but it just didn’t work out (there’s always next time:) ). Our 2 days in Seattle were a pleasant surprise and a lot easier to fly back to NYC. Flying home from Victoria would require making a transfer but we found a new way – Seattle. We will take the ferry to Seattle, stay a couple nights, and fly non-stop home from now on.

It’s blurry. This was taken through the window on the ferry ride. The moon was low, orange, and looked really cool.

We stayed at the Executive Pacific Hotel, the location was good but we didn’t really like the room. It was the best price for our criteria ($353 including taxes for 2 nights in a walkable central location, friendly staff clean, and private bathroom). When our cab pulled up, there was a cop arresting a guy. Front desk apologized and we said, “Not a big deal, we’re from NY.” We laughed and I said quietly to Vic as we walked away, “We can’t get away from that stuff, huh?” We were starving and ate at the hotel restaurant, The Lodge and I really enjoyed my chicken pot pie. I would like to eat there again on our next trip to Seattle. We didn’t realize Seattle is a hilly city, not like SF but still hilly in some areas. My crappy knees were not happy walking in the direction of Pioneer Square and back (hillier this way). My preferred route was walking in the direction of Pike Place Market, the ground was gradual and my knees protested less. I have crappy knees and after 4 days of hiking was thinking ‘this isn’t so bad’ until we I had to walk up the hill –  hurt like hell.

When researching things to do, I found out that Seattle is the birthplace of UPS! This was a fun mail fact. James E. Casey borrowed $100 from a friend and started the American Messenger Company (AMC) in 1907. According to UPS’ site, there were other mail services in Seattle which Jim worked for but there was still a need for private carrier service. AMC messengers would run errands, deliver packages, notes, baggage, trays of food from restaurants, etc. These are amongst some of the requests that they would receive by phone in their basement office. They did well even though they had lots of competition because Jim had a strict policy of customer service, low rates, 24 hours service, and reliability.

UPS Waterfall Garden Park is a nice little enclave in the city. It was pretty and quiet. We didn’t linger that long except for taking a few pictures. It’s located at 219 2nd Ave S.

To read more about UPS, click here.

Seattle was a nice stop before we went back home. We got to check out the underground in Pioneer Square, Smith Tower, and meet blogger Allison who gave us a nice gift on our last day (you’ll find out what in a few posts). Vic kind of broke the camera in Campbell River and it acted up every once in a while so some pics are blurry.


16 thoughts on “Seattle

    1. The waterfall is a quick stop. We were pretty tired but walked around a lot to explore. It helped that I was still on NY time so I was up really early. My body is seriously mean, it takes over 2 weeks to adjust to a different time zone. We don’t go away that long.

  1. Bad Knees here too! I found out later that the City of Seattle has an Accessibility Map for people in wheelchairs or who have mobility issues. I wouldn’t always use the wheelchair-friendly routes because sometimes I’m more worried about being late for an event or not making it before closing time than my knees. (Of course I’m sorry I wasn’t kinder to my joints afterwards, but travel is also about getting out of your comfort zone, lol.) But I also don’t want to suffer a broken ankle because my foot went into a crevice or I slipped on a steep hill.

    Click to access accessmap-1009.pdf

    I do love Seattle, though. I didn’t know about the UPS waterfall: I’ll have to look it up next time. I love trying their restaurants and bars and walking along the waterfront. Their Asian Art Museum has been closed for renovations, but there is a great view of the city from the front drive. I do wish there were better displays of art from the indigenous peoples of WA state. But as you point out, it’s a great city to get around in without a car.

    1. Thanks for the map! The walk to Pioneer Sq after days of hiking was killer. When we arrived I wanted to hit 7-11 and it was down a steep hill. That really hurt. We figured it out the next day 🙂 We also realized we like shopping for hiking clothes out there, you guys have a better selection than here. Vic goes nuts. We have to pack lighter because he tends to come home with clothes.

      1. A lot of people live out West because they love the outdoors, so hiking and camping stores flourish here. I love my REI membership even though I don’t hike or camp as much anymore, mainly because I’m addicted to their selection of backpacks, travel gear, and footwear. (I just bought from their clearance rack a pair of waterproof hikers. I guess I’ll have to wear them to NYC over the winter to justify buying them!) So yeah, you should definitely bring an empty suitcase so you can buy outdoor gear in Seattle or here in CA!

      2. The waterproof hikers work in the snow. You never know what kind of weather we’ll get. He went nuts in Columbia in Seattle. The store is really big too. We went to Paragon a few weeks ago and they have a good bag section too. We liked how they have a travel bag section. I had to order from ebags because I needed a 21inch suitcase. It’s so damn small what the heck can go in it. We need the smaller bag for the Azores. I’ll re-wear the hiking stuff so that will save room. Those overhead bins can fit a larger size, they just want everyone to check stuff in.

  2. You’d think with Seattle being just three hours up the road I’d have seen more of its attractions. But no – I haven’t even been to Pike Place Market. Maybe next time.

    1. It’s ok, it’s a fun road trip! As much as we don’t like the tourist traps at home, we really enjoy them on vacation. Pike Place is more fun on a weekday or early am – less people.

    1. We’ll be back. Prob in Fall, we like to go to Terror Behind the Walls. See you then! Not sure if I told you we tried the ice cream place in Reading Market like you recommended, we really enjoyed it. I’m not usually that into ice cream but their vanilla was really good.

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