Adventures with Travel Gourmand: Pike Place Market & Snoqualmie Falls

We spent our last day in Seattle exploring with Travel Gourmand (other bloggers that we didn’t get to meet, we’ll try and meet up next time, there’s a time and place for everything) and she surprised us with a dose of nature before we departed the west coast for good.

We met Travel Gourmand (TG) at Pike’s Place Market by Rachel the Pig. After introducing ourselves, TG told me she was a bit nervous about how to dress, thinking we’re from NYC, she wasn’t sure if we’d be dressed up. Vic and I hate dressing up, we try to see how much we can get away with dressing down when there’s a formal event. So no one has to be nervous meeting us, we’re laid back.

We ate at country dough with TG and cropped her out of the photo like she requested (no pics of her). It was okay, TG said she’s had better in China and we totally trust her, we’ve never been there and she said the crepes are a street food thing. I had the chicken, Victor had the pork and I forgot what TG had. It didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t stand out.

Vic and I loved Pike Place Market. We explored it a bit the day before and arrived early to explore even more. We fell in love with Cinnamon Works cookies. We really enjoyed the New England clam chowder at Pike Place Chowder. We had fun shopping at the stands, I got a pair of hand hammered hoop earrings and Vic got a handmade obsidian knife (good for killing white walkers).

Whitewalker from SpaceWolf is a print maker illustrator, woodworker. The obsidian blade is from Pike Place Market and made by Robin Park at Swanfield Horncraft stand.

TG showed us around the waterfront, don’t remember the name of the mall by the ferris wheel. Love the giant Pac-Man, if we had more time I would have liked to play.

Photo credit to TravelGourmand, was a bit lazy with marking it for the site.

Then TG had the idea to show us Snoqualmie Falls which was a really great suggestion. She wanted to show us nature before we hopped on our plane (10pm flight).

Snoqualmie Falls welcomes over 1.5 million visitors a year. It’s a 270 foot waterfall with Salish Lodge overlooking it, an observation deck, and gift shop.

TG is a in good shape compared to us. We walk a lot but we tend to stay horizontal, I like to joke that I’m allergic to vertical exercise. The trail is well maintained but there’s an incline. So if your knees hurt, it won’t feel too good, and if you’re out of shape like us, just take it slow. My knees were feeling it but who cares at this point, I was headed home in a few hours and can rest then.

Photo credit to TravelGourmand, was a bit lazy with marking it for the site.

It was beautiful to be able to spend a little more time in the woods.

There’s a hydroelectric plant there too. You’d think we’d consider it an eye sore but we don’t. I think of it this way, I love my air conditioning, TV, and all our modern day conveniences so there has to be a little give; there’s going to be some industrial sites. It didn’t ruin the beauty for us but we don’t want to see this in every forest we go to. It’s really kind of amazing because it makes me think of the days when we didn’t have cars, electric power, etc. and so glad I don’t have to live like that because I couldn’t.

The river trail isn’t that long but you get to explore the temperate rainforest. Sword ferns, Douglas fir, Bigleaf maple moss, and little forest critters will keep you company. The only critters we saw were a couple of slugs.

After the falls, TG took us to Dough Zone Dumpling House and it was really good. Vic and I couldn’t stop craving for dumplings when we got home. TG told us they opened one in Chinatown in Seattle so you don’t have to drive out to Bellevue where we ate. Goodie, we’re going back on our next trip! Click here to read an article about Dough Zone.

We were sad to say our good-byes but it won’t be out last visit.

If you haven’t read Travel Gourmand, she goes on the coolest trips and she’s a big foodie, check her out:

Thanks, TG for such a wonderful day! We’re getting dumplings for dinner tonight because we’re craving for dumplings after writing this post.


4 thoughts on “Adventures with Travel Gourmand: Pike Place Market & Snoqualmie Falls

  1. Yes! I will avow that you and Vic are the chillest people in New York. 🙂 I think though that a lot of people who don’t live in the city, especially first time visitor from the West Coast, think all New Yorkers dress like it’s Fashion Week in Manhattan. While riding the subway into Manhattan during morning rush hour however, I noticed most people wore comfortable shoes, khakis, and the kind of winter jackets you’d see at REI and Paragon Sports. No Burberry or Gucci, no camel dress coats, no heels on the women’s shoes, no pinstriped suits. (I imagine anyone who dresses like that at work rides a car or taxi into town.) The only time I ever felt ‘frumpy’ in New York was when I visited The Whitney and stood next to this older woman in a brilliant yellow designer suit and white spectator pumps. (I like noticing how people dress in public.) She then turned and spoke to the young woman next to her in a marked Texas accent: so not a native!

    It sounds like you’d really be happy living in Seattle! You might want to try sushi or Japanese bar food as well as dumplings at the Dough Zone in the International district. I’ll certainly stop at Dough Zone when I’m back there!

    1. One day I’ll include a pic of my sneakers. My current pair is mesh and has a hole in the big toe areas. I like sneakers when they are brand new and really holey/worn in. I once wore a pair of green hemp sneakers till my picky toes stuck out. Eventually had to retire them. Till this day I only own 2 pairs of heels and they are less than 2 inches. Had to get them for dresses. They are maybe 6 years old and have no plans of buying new ones. Hate heels. I do think Manhattan has gotten dressier but thats because the working class is getting pushed out. You see all different types of dressers in Bay Ridge.

      Will check out the food. Can’t wait to go back to eat.

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