Dark Harbor 2018

Besides visiting my cousins and Aunt, this was a huge perk of going to California, Dark Harbor. It did not disappoint. If you are a fan of haunted mazes and all the Halloween stuff like we are, The Queen Mary delivered! We weren’t sure what to expect and Vic stopped me from watching videos on youtube so they’d be a surprise. Was I scared? No. Was Vic scared? No. We are probably the 2 worse people to ask if it’s scary because we enjoy things like this and are big horror fans. Halloween night at the Queen Mary is fun.

We only took a few random pics with our phones because we were there for the festivities. The food was surprisingly better than we expected for fair food. We always buy the “skip the line” pass which costs a lot more but it saves you a lot of time, you can end up waiting 45 min to get into a haunted mazes.

We were surprised to see young kids there, most weren’t scared, some looked like they may be. When my mom brought me to Madison Scare Garden at MSG as a kid, I loved it, wasn’t scared at all. There was a girl who looked about 10 that a “zombie” was trying to scare. She was the most awesome little girl, she crossed her arms and stared him down like ‘you think you can scare me?’ Good for her. That kid reminded me of me at that age. They stood like that for a bit until the ‘monster’ walked away.

I’m tiny, I’m 5 feet 1 inch, 1.5 inches to be exact (154.97cm). We all know the tough guy stereotype so it always cracks me up when the guy in front who is usually a lot taller than me turns around and says, “You can go on first, I’ll let you take the scares.” In my head I always think to myself, “Aw, a tiny girl like me needs to protect you from the monsters?” I oblige and get my spook on but the irony is never lost on me.

I don’t scare but I do startle. That’s how they cracked me and got me to scream. They are very good at distracting you. When someone has your attention and you turn around, someone jumps at you from some where.

This was part freak show carnival and haunted mazes. Some of the mazes take you through areas of The Queen Mary. If you have mobility issues we wouldn’t recommend the haunted mazes. Some of them have floors that aren’t stable and there are moving bridges in some. I lost my footing a couple times.

Halloween is the greatest day to go because a lot of the audience dresses up. Costumes are not allowed but it’s Halloween and people showed up decked out anyway. We didn’t dress up and felt lame. Some of the audience costumes were so good we didn’t know if they worked the fair or not.

Universal Studios is the next goal, that place has to be amazing for Halloween! Spooks on movie sets!


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