NYC: The Lower East Side

I moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 9 years ago. Hated it for the first few years. It seemed and still seems so suburban to me (we have big houses with lawns) but I grew to love Bay Ridge. I bike most the year by my favorite water view along the Hudson, the food is fantastic, it’s a safe, self-contained neighborhood, and very diverse. Even though it has all this going for it – it still never quite feels like home. To this day anyone who asks gets the full story, “I live in Brooklyn but I was born and raised in Manhattan on the LES.”

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NYC: The Lower East Side – My Home

What makes the LES so unique is it’s cultural and historical past. It was a place of immigrants dreams and beginnings. The Germans, Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Africans, and lots of others…all have legacies here. By LES, I’m talking about the Two Bridges, Little Italy, Chinatown, East Village, Alphabet City, and the LES. So many different people living condensed together. We are/were home to the oldest Jewish cemetery in the USA in Chatham Square, Five Points, Bloody Triangle which is Doyers street, and a thriving slave trade market are amongst a few facts about downtown history. Continue reading