Finding the Tropics in Iceland

Sending out last minute messages before we embarked on our first ever Euro trip. I get a message back from Mea saying, “Guess you’d never thought Iceland would be the tropics.” To her I owe thanks for this post title. We had people tell us we were crazy to go to Iceland in February but we don’t mind the cold if we are dressed right and we wanted to see the Aurora. The whole time we were there it was colder in New York.


The beauty of Iceland did not disappoint. One word to describe it all is magical.


We booked the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Ice Caving 3 day tour with Extreme Iceland. It was everything we could ask for. We LOVE Iceland. We can’t wait to go back. The air is so clean and the water so pure to drink. This country even believes in elves.

tn_DSC_4803 tn_DSC_4894 tn_DSC_5005 tn_DSC_5129

It felt magical.

tn_DSC_5154 tn_DSC_4935 tn_DSC_5217 tn_DSC_5901 tn_DSC_5919 tn_DSC_5931 tn_DSC_5940 tn_DSC_5961


7 thoughts on “Finding the Tropics in Iceland

    1. Thank you! We love it here. We didn’t stay long enough. We were only there 3 nights and then flew to Paris for 9 nights. I wish we stayed longer in Iceland and cut Paris shorter. Either way – we will be back. We always crave nature and this place took our breath away. The tour we booked had us staying in the middle of nowhere on the south east coast. Extremely gorgeous out there.

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