Iceberg Beach & Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon

We tend to get criticized for how we like to travel. We get nagged a lot for flying to the Caribbean and going to the beach. I was laughing when we walked along iceberg beach and said, “We flew to another island and still hit the beach.” It was great. It almost didn’t feel real yet we were standing there letting our eyes drink it all in.

tn_DSC_6210tn_DSC_6162tn_DSC_6181 tn_DSC_6192

Iceland took our breath away. Our 3 night trip felt like an eternity. I could barely remember what day and time it was. But we were also horribly jet lagged.

tn_DSC_6167 tn_DSC_6172

We stopped by the glacier lagoon at different times on different days. Each time I prayed to see seals up close. That didn’t happen. I did see some at a distance playing and bobbing around.


The chunks of ice from the lagoon get pushed out onto the beach. (I think that’s what our guide told us.)

tn_DSC_5393 tn_DSC_5396 tn_DSC_6317 tn_DSC_6341tn_DSC_6329 tn_DSC_6438

In summer you can go on a boat tour of the lagoon. Maybe then I’d be able to visit some seals up close.

tn_DSC_6412 tn_DSC_6359

This is only the beginning – our love affair with Iceland.


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