Avoiding the White Walkers the Hippie Way

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very set in my ways and I have lots of fears and phobias. Back in 2014 I tried to switch it up a bit by signing up for a swim class. Still working on that fear but it’s much better than before. In 2015, I decided to go on a glacier hike but before I booked I made sure I emailed the company and asked if the hike is okay for people who are afraid of heights. They emailed back saying yes, it’s relatively flat so I booked it.

tn_DSC_6460 tn_DSC_6472

As the bus is driving us to the glacier whose name I can’t remember, the guide tells us that Games of Thrones and Batman Begins were filmed here. Victor was in heaven. That was a nice bonus. Not only do we get to say we hiked a glacier, we can brag what movies were filmed there.

We were hoping to see White Walkers or trolls or something. Maybe they’re hidden deep in the mountain?


I’m walking on snow/icy dirt with my hard hat on carrying an ice pick and crampons – I see the glacier in the distance and just one word comes out,”Fuck.” I’m looking at the glacier and it’s “relatively” flat. Keep in mind I’m a city girl that has seen 8 deers to date. I saw my first forest, Muir Woods when I was 10 visiting relatives in SF. I don’t even like getting close to the train platform edge. I was scared. I’m glad I did it, glad I got through it but man, I was scared. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad, very minimal edges. It’s just something I’m not use to. I admit, I couldn’t wait for it to be over and the walk back wasn’t as scarey as the walk to our destination (wider pathways). I can deal with my fear of heights. The problem is that I get vertigo. It’s hard to push through dizziness and feeling faint.

tn_DSC_6520 tn_DSC_6510 tn_DSC_6535tn_DSC_6531

Our guide was awesome. I was right behind him on our return walk back to the bus. I said, “I don’t wanna go first.” He was like ,”We’re all in this together.” He took the time to ask me what I was afraid of. I said that it’s not that bad. I’m just not use to this kind of thing. I never really get out of the city. I’m afraid of heights, I’m afraid of falling into the crevices. He said that we have to stomp hard. We’re safe with our crampons and trust your feet.

He even demonstrated what they do in trainings. How to rescue people if anyone slips or falls off. They carry gear and can get us out. No one has fallen or slipped to date.


I hate my feet. They are clumsy awkward feet.

Victor always says I’m kind of a hippie. I work for a holistic vet and I’m all about keeping the energy harmonic with the Universe. I’m not religious but I do pray and when I do, I pray to the energy of the Universe. So I’m talking to myself in my head saying ,”Fuck it. You say you’re all about the Universe so just fuck it. Go with it. Trust Iceland, forget your clumsy feet, trust the guide, trust the Universe to not fall in that crack.” And I got back without falling, chanting “Trust the Universe, trust Iceland it’s the hippie way. Own your hippie for once.” I did and I’d do this hike again.

tn_DSC_6565 tn_DSC_6610 tn_DSC_6613

This was a pricey tour for us but worth all the money for all the memories and experiences they gave us.


That’s me following our guide. “Trust the Universe. Trust Iceland. Own your hippie.”

Most Importantly, Thank You Extreme Iceland. We are very happy with your group. We enjoyed our tour mates. We’re already eying other excursions for another year.


Sadly, no White Walkers, trolls or elves. One can always hope.



4 thoughts on “Avoiding the White Walkers the Hippie Way

    1. Thank you! It really was an amazing adventure. We are hooked. If we can budget ourselves really good we want to try and go to Vancouver in Sept/Oct to watch grizzly bears. It’s also kind of hard for us to travel since I don’t know how to drive and Vic hates it. One bad thing about being a NYer. A lot of us never learn to drive and if we do most hate it. But I think I cracked the grizzly watching 🙂 If we don’t do it this year next year. Thanks for following! I really like your bug and New England storm pics. The amount of snow your guys got makes me think you’re in Alaska. Can’t wait to see your future posts 🙂

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