Hunting for Trolls in the Ice Caves

There’s something about a country where a lot of its population believes in elves. Add in the surreal surroundings and one who isn’t a believer may surely become one. It’s the perfect environment for it. I was hoping to find elves, dwarves or trolls hidden in a crevice or behind a rock.


As we approached the cave, my anticipation gave way to being total awe struck.

tn_DSC_5495 tn_DSC_5507

You can barely see us kneeling before the glow of ice.

tn_DSC_5541 tn_DSC_5557 tn_DSC_5583

The patterns in the ice are woven with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Mysteries of winter and her desolate beauty.

tn_DSC_5596 tn_DSC_5602 tn_DSC_5637

No fairy folk were found. Maybe they lay hidden in the earth’s shadows.


Either way, we have been enchanted and this spell will be hard to break.

tn_DSC_5528 tn_DSC_5751

Each cave is unique. Every summer they thaw out and every winter freeze up again. No two will ever be alike.


Maybe next time we’ll see elven magic with our eyes.


17 thoughts on “Hunting for Trolls in the Ice Caves

    1. Thanks! It was amazing and our favorite! We booked the tour because the ice cave pics looked cool. They melt every summer and freeze up again every winter. Go with a tour that specializes in it. I’ve been looking into more tours in other places and I didn’t realize how dangerous they can be. Then I thought about our guide and he was telling us where to walk and not. If the ice has visible cracks he advised us how far to stay away because it could break off. Everything was fine and we felt safe 🙂 We booked through Extreme Iceland. On the glacier walk (I was terrified but I’m sissy city girl) the guide did a great job making me feel comfy. Great tour group.

    1. Thank You! Nikon D800 & Tamron 15-35mm lens. We still talk about how much we miss Iceland. The cave looks a bit bigger than it did in person. Either way it was our fav part of the trip.

    1. That country really made me want to believe in elves. We really liked this tour group.
      Not sure if other groups go to the ice caves. Don’t be upset for not going. Convince them to go again – I’m sure they would love to. Our goal is to visit in every season but we need to go in winter again before we do that. It’s really windy. Make sure you have a sturdy tripod or weight it down. Our camera and tripod blew over while taking pics of the aurora and the lens broke. At least we got to see it 🙂

    1. Thank You! It was a very magical trip. It’s weird that’s the one way we know how to describe Iceland. It really was a nature wonderland. We didn’t spend much time in town. Next time. It’s really expensive over there so next time we know to set a higher budget. We were with a tour group so I can’t judge prices too good. Hope you get to go. We got good airfare through Iceland Air – their stopover package.

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