Farewell My Friend – A Panoramic Look

There’s something about the barrenness of winter that mystifies me. What would send others indoors makes me want to wander outside. I love the whiteness of snow and crispness of cold in the air. I love how the streets empty out and I get to walk around as if I own them. A beautiful winter day is soul cleansing. A time of year where things die or lay dormant for the equinox of spring. To my delight this year we journeyed to the winter wonder land of Iceland.


tn_DSC_6343_stitch tn_DSC_6504_stitch tn_DSC_6633_stitch

Even though this great land graced our hearts for 3 nights. It feels as if it was a dream. It’s just so unbelievably beautiful.

Till next time, farewell my friend and I hope to see you sooner rather than later. We’ve been missing you since we left.



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