Jebus Mews: Shamrockin’ It!

Everybody’s Irish for St. Patty’s Day. So how many of you will be suffering from the Irish flu on Wednesday?



(The floral pics and Jebus’ image are our own. The pot of gold, rainbow with a pot of gold and 4 leaf clover images are by Liz Aragon from:



6 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Shamrockin’ It!

    1. Thank You! Jebus says “meow” flattered and grumpy. He likes the attention but he doesn’t really like the clothes. Right now he’s giving you belly. He wants a virtual belly rub. He loves them.

      1. I have a cat-European -and he really loves FOOD!I am trying to not give him much but he is playing me so I end up giving him some.I love cats and yours it’s wonderful.

      2. Awe. I was going to put Jebus on a diet when my other two seniors passed but then I thought – Jebus is 14 (turning 15 this year) and his blood work was great what the hell. Keep him happily plump. On avg my guys passed from 12-16. I’ve had a lot of cats. Funny thing is he started eating less on his own. When the two guys were around he ate for 4 cats. Now he eats for 1. Guess he was trying to starve them. Oh Jebus. My cats are always a little weird. Your cat sounds adorable 🙂

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