Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Anyone who knows us knows we love cemeteries, abandoned places, creepy things and horror movies. We had to go to the catacombs in Paris.



I found out I’m afraid of hallways. Long Hallways, they just creep me out. Damn, that movie “The Shining”, it has forever scarred me. When we entered, there was a long hallway and it was the 3 of us for a long while. I was happy when we caught up with people. I don’t know, ever since I saw “The Shining”, long hallways make me think of the twin girls. That’s all I ever think of. I know they aren’t real but it still creeps me out. Although I do enjoy a really good scare.



It’s pretty cool knowing you’re descending deep underground, walking amongst the departed below Paris. All the history laying below ground.




There are more dead people below Paris than living above. The catacombs hold the remains of about six million people. More than two million people live in Paris.




When we got back home we had to rewatch the horror movie “As Above So Below”, an enjoyable movie which takes place here.






6 thoughts on “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

    1. Thanks! I had to underexpose by a lot. I was trying to make them creepy. There’s something about cemeteries and abandoned places – they have this aura to them.

      1. I know. We have friends that like this stuff too but most people think we are morbid and some think we are going to bring home ghosts by taking pics in a cemetery. I like to pretend I took home a couple ghosts to scare them. I can’t help it. Once that mischief gets going to hard to fight it.

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