A Vintage Friend in Paris

Good friends are like a fine wine, aged cheese, an indulgent rich dessert…unique. They add that flare to your life that enriches it.


Magali and I met in person back in 2000 when she came to NY to visit. Our friendship started via airmail. I had a bunch of pen pals I wrote to through International Pen friend. Till this day I can’t believe I have two pen pals, Romina from Buenos Aires and Magali from Paris. This last year was meant for Magali and I to get acquainted again. She came to visit NY in July 2014 and we flew to Paris seven months later.



Paris in February was lovely. People thought I wouldn’t enjoy the city at this time of year but it’s my favorite season. While we were here it was way colder in NY and unseasonably warm in Paris.




Magali is a school teacher and spent her free time on holiday showing us around. We kept joking that if she wants to make extra money she should become a tour guide for Americans and make sure she has a tip jar. That’s one thing we aren’t use to – it feels so strange not tipping being from a culture where some jobs rely on them.


Rain coming. View from Centre Georges Pompidou.


Rain coming. View from Centre Georges Pompidou.


Raining approaching Sacré-Cœur. View from Centre Georges Pompidou.

Paris with her quaint narrow streets and street art.







Here we are wandering Paris on the second part of our Euro adventure.


Walking along the Seine River.


Victor and I at Notre Dame.



8 thoughts on “A Vintage Friend in Paris

    1. It was nice. Some sites were pretty crowded. We almost passed up the Louvre when we saw the line on Monday but we went early on a Friday and got in with no problem. We also bought the museum pass which helped with lines. We learned – do not go on a city trip for 9 days after hiking. Our feet were killing us. My friend kept saying most the Parisians are gone so it’s a nice time to travel.

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