Jebus Mews: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

tn_final pancho palmDSC_4987

Introducing Dos Gatos and Jebus as The Most Interesting Cat in the World.

Stay thirsty my friends.


13 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    1. My favorite comment to date. Didnt expect it. I got a good laugh. I have a ton of pics from my phone, point and shoot and the SLR. Had the whole year planned. Have CBGB theme, half of my gay pride ideas 1/3 done (this one will have to wait till I adopt more kitties), never got around to my cat Daily show spoof I wanted to work on. When he passed away. I was like ‘shit, what do I do with all my pics. I never got around to getting them all out.’ Then realized Jebus can do all this posthumously. My poor future kitties, the have some shoes to fill. Not as fun without him.

      1. These photos are very funny, made even better by the unwilling expression on his face haha (Rest his souls, all nine of them), and I love the attention to detail 😀
        Cat Daily Show would be fantastic! How many cats do you estimate that you will need for such a venture? Sounds like quite an operation!
        I hope to see many more cats dressed up begrudgingly in the future. My girlfriend is a big fan of your work 🙂

      2. At first I was trying to go cat free or wait till we move to a 2 bedroom (Victor is asthmatic). But this past month I realized. I really am the crazy cat lady without cats so that just leaves crazy. I really miss having them. First time in 30 years no furry friends and I don’t like it. I had too many when I lived with my Dad -15. When I moved I took 3 (they were mostly my sisters cats) as they got older we eventually took them all as they got sick or my sister didn’t want them. I like a full apartment like 5 cats would be nice but Victor says 2 (I’m aiming for 3, shhhhh. He doesn’t really read these comments and he wouldn’t make me return #3 if #3 happens to come home). right now I’ve been giving the apartment a good cleaning trying to make is easier to clean up dust,dander, etc. So im hoping allergens will be better. All my guys were strays. I want to adopt soon and I’m confused. Too many cats in need. i tell Vic to bring some home already – I’m not picky. My goal is to adopt from a kill shelter but I can’t walk in one – I’d come out with as many as I’m allowed to adopt. I’d like to volunteer for a no kill. I,d have so much fun with shelter cats. then i can really have my gay pride parade! I love animals (also a little allergic to cats and I work for a vet but that’s what antihistamines are for).

        Dos Gatos will be an on going cat beer spoof by 2 people who don’t drink. Love those commercials. I forgot – have viking Jebus and where’s Waldo too 🙂 so glad to hear you both enjoy them!

      3. I can imagine, having spent your entire life having cats as companions, it must be difficult to have to do without those little fur balls.
        It seems that you have a lot of love for them. 15 cats though?! Where did they all sleep? How much food would they need? Thinking of the logistics is scaring me a tiny bit haha. But I’m sure for a cat lover such as yourself, it wasn’t so difficult?
        Haha, love it, slipping in a third one while he’s not looking, but really, what’s one more right? 😀
        What are the shelters’ policies on dressing up their animals? Reckon you can get away with dressing the cats up when nobody’s watching?

        We both wait for the next instalment from the cat photo bank with bated breath 😀

      4. I love my cats but 15 was too many. The vet bills were killer when they got older. A lot were around the sames ages so usually they had senior health issues together. Don’t remember cost of food. Whiskie, cat #2, he liked to test his 9 lives. His last 10 months we could have bought 3.5 do camera bodies alone on his vet bills. He had kidney, hyper thyriod, anemia, high blood pressure and a stroke. he was the most expensive cat. Every brush w death gave him a more dickish attitude. My boy was high maitenence. Pet insurance would have saved a lot of money with him But I got him when I was 10. Didn’t know about that stuff. When I did he was 10 and that’s when his health when down so pet insurance would have denied us or been really expensive. He lived a long good life. We was the alpha male that owned everyone, people and other cats.

        Living with my dad, the cats were everywhere. It wasn’t enough room for so many. When I moved, even when we had 6 of my childhood cats. No one jumped on top of my fridge, bookcases or in cabinets. probably had enough space. Less kitty conflicts. I wouldn’t adopt 5 even though I’d like too because medical costs and it was a lot of work taking care of so many aging sick cats. my dad paid for them when I was little, I helped when I got older. I took my childhood ones in. 2-3 kitties with ages a little spread out is what I’m aiming for. no guarantee but I hope that will help with vet costs when they hit middle age and I’m getting pet insurance this time around. I can’t live like that again, territorial kitties etc. Very tiring. Won’t be as bad this time around. I know what to do and will have a much smaller furry family. Better on the wallet too.

        June is my goal for volunteering. the shelter kitties or more shy. I think bow ties, ties and wigs are better for them. I will ask. Have ideas for tuxedo adoption Tuesday (cat bow ties) and new wave adoption parties (Bling sunglasses on, cut up a baby tee make is off the shoulder, punk collar etc). A lot of people say I spent too much time coming up with this stuff. But I don’t, the ideas just pop in my head whenever and if it seems funny put some extra thought (5minutes). Photoshop takes a while and then I need victors help. I’m not good with any thing tech.

      5. Oh gosh! I hadn’t even considered the vet bills! You guys must really love cats, I mean LOVE cats!
        I reckon it’s a good idea to adopt cats with staggered ages, it is going to help spread out the cost of caring for their ailments.

        You certainly have put a lot of thoughts into the costume design and the set ups, and we all appreciate your effort very much 😀

        Are you guys going on any adventures again soon?

      6. Just got back last night from Savannah (it’s walkable! we don’t drive). We really enjoyed it. Jetblue had a sale so it was $526 for 2 nights. Cheaper than us going to Boston, Montauk, Portland, ME. The southern food was so good. We were trying to save for Vancouver (on hold for next year) since Iceland/Paris killed the budget but I needed to get away bad. It helped a lot. I finally went to work today and didn’t hate it since Jebus 🙂 I will be posting pics soon. I know you two drive, most people do. If you haven’t been to Savannah there’s nature stuff around, and some people drive to Charleston from there – we learned a tip. Stop by Old Sheldon Church when you drive to Charleston – we haven’t been to SC yet. Savannah has the 3rd oldest Jewish congregation in the US. I didn’t even know so that was a nice surprise. Have a thing for Jewish history.Took a ghost tour, hit Bonaventure cemetery (that’s why we went there and for fried chicken & pie but it I didn’t even get pie). Go November through April was too damn hot for me. 90-92F with 90% humidity. Around mid April is azalea season so beautiful Iceland would love that. Saw pics of the cemetery during azalea season – stunning. Need to sort through pics. We’re going to do little cheap trips and be NYC tourists – I’ve gotten a little addicted to digging up no so common tours and NYC history. I really want to go to Lake George so we can try parasailing but I need to find someone who wants to go and drive. I can learn to drive but that would be bad – you haven’t seen me cross the street even I’m surprised I’m not dead yet. I day dream too much.

      7. Savannah as the one in Georgia? Sounds like a lot of interesting cultural thingies to visit. The last time we visited the States, we mainly concentrated on the nature, perhaps next time we will do a road trip of the east coast and some Southern states for the full American experience.
        We stopped over in NYC for 5-6 days at the end of our trip, it was quite pleasant, lots to do, but it was a little too overwhelming after the relative tranquility of Michigan and Wisconsin.
        We both have European driving licenses, had to do it in manual gear boxed cars, so far as I know, majority of American drivers use automatic cars right? We had couple automatics whilst in America, it was so much easier to drive, and made us super lazy haha.
        I suppose it’s much easier getting around NYC with public transport, having a car would be a nightmare I’d imagine!

      8. Savannah, GA. I thought about it. West Coast is way prettier than East Coast. Savannah was a nice combo of a city (looks like a small town to us) and lots of trees. We may not be the best nature advice people. Carmel by the Sea in CA, the Monterey Bay Peninsula is nice. Lots of hiking out there. We heard June is flower season but I’m not sure how the drought is affecting the scenery. Their roads creep me out because they don’t always have railings up in the mountains so be careful driving. Carmel by the Sea looks like a fairy tale town and you need flash lights at night. A certain section of the beach you can light up campfires and hang out all night long (this is as close to camping I get). Driving the west coast is suppose to be really pretty and one of the pretty stretches is SF to LA – Carmel 2 hours south of SF.

        Think we do do drive automatics here. I don’t know many manual car drivers. NYC can be overwhelming. Sad to say we are so use to it so going to Philly is break for us. Savannah was more urban than I expected. The architecture is really cute but you have older grander things in Europe. For us it was a cute getaway with really good food. Best fried chicken 🙂 I’d save exploring east coast till later. We go to SF a lot to visit family and friends. I love going to Muir Woods. The trees are so big out there. I think you’d like Bonaventure Cemetery during flower season (mid April) but it’s more marshy swampland kind of nature. If you like hiking maybe Colorado. Think you’ve been to Utah thats really pretty too. So many places stateside we need to go.

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