Colonial Park Cemetery

Savannah escaped burning during the Civil War but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave scars. Colonial Park Cemetery became the campground for General Sherman’s troops. The Union soldiers looted and desecrated the grounds. It was established about 1750.


There are more than 700 Yellow Fever victims buried from  the 1820 epidemic. Many victims from the dueling era lay here, some dueled near or at the cemetery.


Some of Savannah’s earliest residents may be found.


Originally it was a lot bigger. Lots of mass graves around the city. Outside this one under the playground lies the mass grave of orphaned boys from the yellow fever epidemic. If you’re that sensitive medium it’s been said that children may be seen at night.


The grounds have been nicely restored.


It’s open dawn till dusk. It would be nice to visit late in winter when the sunsets earlier. Always thought it would be nice to take night shots in a cemetery.


Tabby is cement made from lime, sand, and oyster shells.


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  1. Thank you for visiting Kimchee and Catnip. I came to return the visit and was delighted to find this post. I love both history and cemetaries, as well as cats and good photography.

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