Brooklyn Botanical Garden After Hours

The garden Gods of BBG were kind to us this past Wednesday. We saw 8 bunnies!!! We’ve really been craving to see some green and get out of the concrete jungle but that won’t happen till July 4th weekend. Last year we joined BBG for the summer perk of members only after hours. It’s the best time to see the garden. At times you have it all to yourself. Even though we hear the whoosh of cars, being buried deep in the green of the native flora and fauna garden takes it all away. So you feel a little like you’re walking the woods but this time its way easier to get home and there are plenty of toilets.

I have to start with the bunny pictures because bunnies are adorable.


Horny bunnies and two voyager birds.


We found in some areas we were the only 2 people walking around. A lot of the time you hear the cars go by but it’s easy to ignore the sounds when you see this.


This is how we look for nature in the city. There are times where I feel like I’m going to go crazy because I’m stuck in the humdrum of a city I can’t live without. I get very agitated without nature.

They’ve made lots of changes to the garden. BBG  seems bigger and greener now.





It was a fairly grey day and rained on us a little but bad weather days give us the privacy we want when we’re looking for private space in the city.





Last year we went on a critter tour with BBG. It was all about bats. It was pretty cool. Our guide taught us the difference between the types of bats, explained how the spiders weave webs at night and eat them when their done – that’s why we don’t seem then in the next day. We think we brought home some spiders. We had a bit of an outbreak in our apartment for several months after this tour and they were different spiders. They weren’t our normal household ones. Never realized that there’s a good amount of nature left in NYC. Once in a a while we see raccoons and possums in our neighborhood.






Till we are able to step out and get a breathe of fresh air – these pictures will have to do.




15 thoughts on “Brooklyn Botanical Garden After Hours

    1. Thank you! Can’t wait till July 4th. We,re heading to Rockefeller state preserve to see trees. We haven’t had any time to get away and see nature 😦 looking forward for the 4th!

    1. Haha! That sounds great. I have a history of naughty pets so that salt and pepper shaker sound perfect. BBG after hours is great. This week I saw some kind of falcon or hawk and I didn’t have a camera on me! We thought we were going to hike this holiday weekend but doesn’t seem like it. Our tummies are off so we feel better staying around civilization. How’s England?

      1. England is quite hot right now, I wish to have some rain to cool down a bit the atmosphere :p Otherwise, everything is good ! I managed to get to the market and bought fresh vegetables and fruits and went back home without getting lost ! 🙂

      2. We’re lucky. It’s been unseasonably cool. I prefer 22C and nothing hotter. Perfect for me lately. Although I know a ton of people wearing lots of layers in this. That’s good you’re getting to know England 🙂 Exciting.

  1. Beautiful Pictures. I used to have four bunnies as pet, one of them went sick and passed away 😦 After that with the fear of loosing them all, I gave them them to a Zoo.

    1. I’d love a pet bunny. I read they need a bit more TLC than cats. I’ve had a ton of kitties. I have one 18 year old girl right now. She acts like a baby just sleep a bit more.

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