Christ Church & Burial Ground

Christ Church Burial Ground is an early American cemetery in Philadelphia. Signers of our Declaration of Independence reside here, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Russ, George Ross, Francis Hopkinson, and Joseph Hewes. The cemetery belongs to the Episcopal church founded in 1695 by the name of Christ Church.



It is known as the “Nation’s Church” because of the number of Revolutionary era leaders who worshiped in it.



Benjamin Franklin sat in pew 70. Washington sat in pew 56. William Penn was baptized here. In 1775-1776, the Second Continental Congress worshiped at Christ Chruch.


The burial ground is a couple blocks away on 5th and Arch Streets.

The pennies, nickels, and occasional dimes you see on Ben Franklin’s grave are customary. Read a few different theories on line, one is that the thrower will get good luck. He was famous for saying , “A penny saved is a penny earned.”


The descendants of signers of the Declaration of Independence had this bench gifted to the cemetery.


It’s a shame a lot of the headstones are worn away.







Around 100,000 tourists visit this cemetery each year.







7 thoughts on “Christ Church & Burial Ground

  1. it was great ti vosit this place with you . I agree with you it is sad that we can’t read the stones no longer, I like it to visit cemeteries and to ponder about the people who were buried there many moons ago.

    1. Hate to say it – we were too tired and hot to join the tour. Maybe next time. We’d like to spend more time in Old City. We love going to Philly. They have so much history compared to NYC since we knock everything down and build over it.

  2. I love old churches and cemeteries. Very few on the West Coast are as old as Christ Church’s, though. 🙂 Can you walk in and visit the church and cemetery any time? Or do you have to make an appointment/book a tour with the office? Just wondering, as some of the more popular churches in San Francisco have become more restrictive about when tourists can visit. Nobody charges admission yet, but there are “suggested donation” signs at the front door now.

    1. I think it’s open all the time. Maybe the cemetery isn’t open in winter not sure. Some of the outdoor stuff in Philly is closed in winter like the Japanese Garden. Think the church is open all the time as long as service isn’t in session. We did have to pay admission for the cemetery and we donated to the church. Love the missions in CA. Vic hasn’t seen one in person yet. Went to San Juan Capistrano when I was little.

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