Jebus Mews: Dancing for Animals

tn_Jebus Card

We miss you Jebus. We really miss your warm, fuzzy, furry hugs.

My friend, Liz Peterson, who I met through work really liked this photo. She is the Founder and  President of Dancing for Animals. They raise money through dancing to provide other animal welfare organizations funding. Jebus was a stray like most of our other kitties. We donated his photo to help other animals just like him.

Jebus Card decrsip

Happy Holidays! I feel like a fool posting this 11 days before Christmas. It’s Spring in NY with no flurries in sight so my holiday schedule is all screwed up. I’m a Christmas nut who usually has my tree by Thanksgiving and this year still no tree.


19 thoughts on “Jebus Mews: Dancing for Animals

    1. Happy Holidays from a warm confusing NYC! It’s 60s again today. I wish I could wear my birkenstocks to work!

      Thank you for your kind words. I know our furry friends will forever be in our hearts:)

  1. Really? It’s spring-like in New York? I was all worried about how to pack a winter coat and boots plus Christmas presents in my itty bitty carry-on bag. Maybe I’ll take a chance and leave all the winter gear at home, though last year my ears almost froze and fell off when I walked around downtown Manhattan without a hat or ever a scarf to protect them against the freezing wind.

    That picture is adorable. If I didn’t live on the opposite end of the country, I’d order the cards, but…hmm. I’m going to be in New York next week. Hmm…[thinking]

    1. This weekend is suppose to be 40-30s. Otherwise average of 50s high lows 40s. Some 60 degrees in there. I was standing at Macy’s yesterday looking at the Peanuts window – highly recommended. It’s so cute and give it a minute or two by some windows, the figures move – I was wearing a t shirt. I’ve bought half my gifts and I’m just not in the mood. I’m a white snowy Christmas kind of person. The years we hit the Caribbean in December always confuses me too. Guess I have a body clock to my climate.

      I admit our unseanable warm weather has made it a lot easier to run my Dad to his doctor’s appts and such.

      Have fun! Are you going to the train show in NY Botanical garden? The year I went was so cold and our Metro North train broke down. I really enjoyed that show. I kind want to go back and get another look at the Macy’s Peanuts window. Love Peanuts. Haven’t seen the movie yet.

      1. I love stopping by Macy’s to see what they’ve put in their windows at Christmas time. This Christmas is on a Friday, however, and I suspect the weekend afterwards will be crazy! I think we are going to the Botanical Gardens for the train show, though the family seems split between “Let’s see something everyone can enjoy!” and “I don’t wanna be around screaming kids all day.” (That person could have added a “Bah humbug!” He could easily go to Brooklyn and hang out with his hipster friends if he doesn’t want to come with us, however. It’s just disappointing when we see each other altogether so rarely, and we can’t agree on where to go for a family outing.)

        I’m kind of torn now about bringing my winter gear. I hate standing on those damn platforms with the wind cutting through my wimpy West Coast clothes, and I especially hate cold, wet feet. But I also hate dragging around a heavy coat when it gets too warm to wear. There used to be lockers where you could store your stuff for 75 cents, but with all the worries about bombs left in public places, those have disappeared. I don’t suppose they have a coat check in the Botanical Garden, do they? :-/

        I read your comments on your other posts about your parents’ health. I hope they get better, and things are easier for you. Looking after ailing parents is hard.

      2. I’m wearing my Marmot down jacket 600 down. Don’t know if that helps. It’s a really lightweight jacket and really warm. It’s good for low 50s-high40s in a shirt or tee for me. BUt I like it a little chilly. Maybe a Uniglo jacket. Not too expensive and lightweight. I’m not familiar with them but my boss loves them. She wore them to Patagonia during summer time on a glacier tour.

        I don’t remember coat checks but I usually carry my stuff with me whenever I can. You’ll enjoy the show. I love trains but the model figures were amazing.

        I hope to head back to Macy’s to take a pics with a camera. I have some on my phone. I have to see it one last time. I’ve never been so excited about an Xmas window but I love Peanuts.

        Thanks for your nice words regarding my parents. Found out my Dad has stroke induced dementia from heart disease yesterday. An MRI showed this back in 2009 and it wasn’t taken care of. He’s 80 stable and for someone who ate ice cream and heart attack food his whole life he’s doing good. My mom I think will be ok. Right now we are having a headache with health insurance. She’s getting booted off her plan and we are in a hustle to get her a new one quick because she needs it. Her mom passed suddenly in mid-Oct. It’s been stressful. Once things stabilize it’ll go smoother. It’s funny we have pretty sedate lives Victor and I and when stuff happens – it happens. Always at the same time.

        Got a new kitty. had him for a week. He’s 4-5 years old. Orange tabby. He’ll be up on the blog soon enough. We named him Chewy. We are still getting to know each other. He thinks I’m a weird because I like to dance with my cats. I love it. He give me crazy eyes like ‘human, what’s wrong with you?’ He has to be an only cat. He sprayed a couple spots my cats use to sleep in a lot. he was neutered a week and a half ago so it’ll take him some time to learn. He listen if you tell him – no pee. Then we walks to his litter pan. Too bad I wanted 2. Guess it’s better I am allergic to them (I work at a vet’s too). I love animals. When I touch them everything in the world just melts away. I call them my furry prozac.

  2. The WordPress template won’t let me directly reply to your comment, so I’m starting a new thread down here. Three years ago I was looking after my mother, who also had stroke-induced dementia. It also showed up on an MRI: the scarring on the brain was old however, and I was angry at my siblings for not catching it earlier. (I won’t go into it, but they ignored our parents until I moved back to CA.) My father was also diagnosed with colon cancer within months of my arrival: he refused at first to see a doctor for stomach pains so terrible he couldn’t stand up; when I finally got him to the ER, he didn’t want to stay in the hospital and tried to walk out with tubes still hanging out of his arm, lol. But after surgery and three years of checkups with an oncologist, he’s fine. Forgetful and grumpy, but fine.

    So I totally sympathize with what you’re going through. Hope you find some time for yourself so you can relax and enjoy time with your new kitty!

    1. Whew. We think we found an insurance plan that will work for my mom. Glad to hear your Dad is stable too 🙂 A few more doctors visits in the New year and I hope there’s a break after that.

      I didn’t close the door to the bathroom tightly when I left for work. I got home yesterday. I hear a meow. Thought humm his meow is getting louder. Open the light Chewy is in the foyer. He didn’t pee so we left him in the living room last night. Success! He doesn’t have to be locked up in fear of him spraying 🙂 Glad it happened. he got his freedom. He’s smart he learned too. We’d put him in the bathroom when he sprayed so I think he got it. He’s talking more too.

    2. I’m going to post about my visit to the Botanical Garden for the Train Show. You may not want to look so you just in case you want a surprise when you get there. I didn’t know what to expect so that was nice. Looking at the old pics was helping my Xmas mood but it’s so grey and rainy today that kinda killed it.

      1. Nothing spoils something I really, really want to see! I’ve seen all these articles about the new Star Wars movie labelled “Spoiler Warning!” and they don’t faze me at all. I’m kinda hard-headed that way. Must get it from my dad. 🙂

        It’s great that Chewy is adjusting to his new home! I bet he’s glad he’ll be celebrating Christmas in a place where his humans love him.

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