Jebus Mews Photography

We are happy to announce our portfolio and web store.

Showcasing our underwater, nature, and landscape photography.

Starting tomorrow November 23rd, 30% off prices below for the next two weeks.

Types of images available:

Photographs on paper (in sizes 4 x 6 in, 8 x 12 in, 10 x 15 in) –  $1.50 -$16 sizes

Prints on museum quality canvases/giclees  (in sizes 8 x 12 in, 10 x 15 in)  – $110 – $190

Prints on metal (in sizes 4 x 6in and 8 x 12 in)- $51 – $77

Note cards (5 x 7 in) – 1 card $8.50 / box 10 $40

Our store is run through Smugmug (they handle customer service) and we use Bay Photo as our lab.

Follow us on Facebook for news on whatever we’re up to and special promotion announcements.

At the end of the year a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Dancing for Animals. We donated our Jebus Santa picture to them for their 2015 Christmas Cards. They raise funds by hosting dancing events to give grants to animal welfare organizations and to support their educational programs.

I thank fellow blogger and friend Hangaku Gozen for giving me that extra push to get this up and running. I asked her opinion and she liked the idea and that helped me get over my hesitation.

More images available on at

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18 thoughts on “Jebus Mews Photography

  1. Yay! I hope your “studio” is successful! I may ask my kids to get me one of the NY photos in an art print for Christmas. I really need some beautiful art to decorate my place, now that I know I’ll be staying here for another year.

      1. Yup! I’ll be there for two weeks, until Jan. 2. (New Year’s in NYC! Woohoo!) If you and Victor will be around then, let’s meet up. I’m dying to try some more restaurants in the city!

      2. Yes! I can’t wait to see you and take you around. Let me know what you’d like to see. Any kind of cuisine you are curious about? I will check for veggie options.

      3. We don’t have any old fashioned Italian restaurants out here, only Olive Garden and fancypants pasta and artisanal pizza bistros. I was saying to someone earlier that I wanted to track down the restaurants featured in “The Godfather,” though I’m guessing gentrification has shut them all down. I also wouldn’t mind eating at a Chinese seafood place; I willingly drop my vegetarian diet for steamed black bean fish and shrimp in lobster sauce. There are a number of Chinese and Vietnamese shellfish restaurants where i live, but I can’t get anyone to go with me to those. (Squeamish? Worried about food poisoning?) I don’t like crayfish, mainly because of a bad experience when I was a kid, but I enjoy a basket of crab legs and shrimp. 🙂

      4. I’ll find something. If you have two days to spare we can eat both. I don’t want to take you away from your family or they can come out one day if it isn’t too much trouble. We can do both. I love black bean sauce. Victor once came home to see me spooning it out of a jar that my mom made for me. She scolded me and so did he. I know it’s super salty and shouldn’t be eaten like that. They do have black bean sauces at veggie Chinese places but it will taste a little different. Black beans are the same, the fake meats and fake seafood doesn’t add the extra flavor like the real stuff. My grandma once asked me what I wanted her to bring back from China, I said black beans. She couldn’t stop laughing. Oh my god, the ones from over there are so good.

      5. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I’ll have enough time to spend with the grandkids and kids and visit you too. 🙂 A friend once gave me a jar of homemade black bean sauce and suggested I put it on noodles. I made the mistake of putting some on packaged ramen—it made the noodles almost inedible, they were so salty! But on steamed fish with scallions, it’s just perfect.

        I’m going to a friend’s house today for dinner. I used to decline invitations on Thanksgiving because it was such a pain in the patootie for the hostess and me: either she would feel obligated to make a separate dish for me, or I would shlep my own entree to her house, which felt ridiculous. There were too many times where I would just eat my food, and no one else would touch what I made. (Really? Come on, guys, vegetarian is delicious.) This year however I feel like I need to be around other people. Everyone attending this evening voted for the same candidate, so no worries about arguments. Phew!

    1. Haven’t sold a pic yet but we knew that was a long shot. Working on an ebook as a companion to the blog – traveling without a car kinda thing. For people like us so gathering thats a tiny market or only good for New Yorkers. Not tech savy or anything so I get really frustrated. A good learning experience. I’ve been really behind after our election just kinda lost incentive but we’re all feeling that way. Had a few posts written from so that kept this going.

      Yesterday we had jazz brunch with a friend (we all saw Lalaland and needed to hear jazz). They we went back to her palce watched Michael Che and played Cards Against Humanity. It’s a really messed up game but it had us all laughing so hard it felt good. It’s the best we felt in months.

      1. Oh I think it’s a nice concept, a lot of people like to use public transport so it could be very useful !

        Oh cards against humanity is really fun to play and so offensive sometimes. We also play a lot !!

      2. Thanks! Some people (New Yorkers oddly enough) kinda looked at me like “you know everyone drives. Just wanted to share how we get around. It’s not always the easiest info to find. Need time to work on it again. Keep getting pulled way by obligations.

        First time playing that game. Loved it. It felt really good to say the most screwed up stuff.

      3. Don’t listen to them, there is definitively an audience for public transport in big cities…. especially for foreign travellers who don’t want to rent a car !

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