Koziar’s Christmas Village

My Dad use to say Christmas isn’t over till New Year’s so I won’t feel silly posting about Christmas now.

I was kind of in a cranky mood when I woke up Christmas morning. It was just too damn hot. Victor and I did a little last minute shopping on Christmas Eve and it was bizarre. It’s unnaturally warm in NYC. When I feel chilly, I think winter. When I think winter I think Christmas because that’s our weather. When we travel to warm places in December I never even remember the holidays are around until we get back home. I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks, tank tops and t-shirts underneath my jacket on some days.

I wasn’t even in the mood for this little jaunt outside the city but I’m sure glad we went to Koziar’s Christmas Village. When the car drove down the hill, the very first sight of Koziar’s was absolutely amazing. It was a big lit up village. Much larger than I expected. The air had little chill. As soon as my feet hit the ground I said – now this feels like Christmas (even though it was the day after). It was the most holidayish I felt this year.


View from the hill outside the village.

It’s a bit of a trek. Koziar’s is located about an hour and twenty minutes from Philly and about an hour and a half to two hours from NYC. I learned about it by googling Christmas things to do a couple years ago. To my delight, they had a lot of toy trains! I love model trains.





It was $10 to get in. They easily could have charged more but then we are use to NYC prices.

The air had a nip to it and finally, finally Christmas was here even though it was a day late for me to feel it.



There were a lot of miniatures. The pic below I heard a guy tell another person that one street looked just like it does in the town. That was pretty neat to hear.


It was all very festive.



Santa in the sea!


12 thoughts on “Koziar’s Christmas Village

  1. When I was growing up Christmas lasted till the Epiphany (and it still does in countries like Italy). A lot of people don’t understand that the 12 days of Christmas are the days between Christmas and the Epiphany….the day the Wise Men arrived with the presents for the baby Jesus. Epiphany is generally celebrated on January 6.
    So you still have plenty of time for cold weather and snow. Sadly I think that horrible storm is headed your way.
    But I am glad you got some lovely, sparkly Christmas spirit.
    I grew up in southern California….palm trees and no snow for Christmas. And half the world is having summer right now and they don’t move Christmas to their winter.
    I’m sure it’s all what you are used to having.
    Peace to you and yours for the coming year.

    1. Thats a nice Christmas fact!

      In one letter to my Argentine friend years and years ago. I asked her if they get snow for Christmas. She was like – I think you have it confused. In the Southern hemisphere our seasons are opposite yours.

      We also went to Macy’s in Philly and checked out the light show at Macy’s. The light show was ok but the Dicken’s Village was a very nice surprise. Have to go through those pics soon.

  2. And if you really want you can celebrate Christmas any time of the year.
    In Italy the children are awaiting La Befana….the witch who flies in overnight January 5/6 and leaves sweets in the stockings of good children and lumps of coal in the stockings of bad children.
    If you google Befana you’ll get some great drawings/cartoons of her.
    I remember when I was growing up in the 1950’s we always took a trip to downtown Los Angeles to see the displays in the windows or the department stores. They don’t do them up quite the way they did back then.
    The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is still my favorite of all. I have seen it in person once in 1992 when I was in NYC for a conference (and skipped out that morning to watch the parade).

  3. The high was 72 in Queens on Christmas Day! I’m sorry it didn’t get you into the Christmas mood, but for this native Californian it was nice not to have to put on a sweater, boots, heavy coat, hat, gloves, and a scarf just to take the dog out for a stroll. (Walking around with all those clothes is a workout in itself.) Ironically, it was colder in my hometown in CA than it was in New York City. When I got home, my place was freezing inside. I was told later that the nighttime temperatures regularly dipped into the 30s while I was gone.

    Even without snow on the ground, the Christmas Village looks pretty. I love Christmas lights at night, and I love miniature displays, with or without trains. I think it brings out the kids in us, the ones who wanted doll houses and little landscaped play farms, towns, and railroads.

    1. I admit, it is nice being able to run around without restrictive layers. We were in Charleston last week. The locals kept saying it was cold were we were from and we were like no. It’s been so warm it got cold the week we flew down south. They told us it’s been on the warm side for them too. Glad you enjoyed NY! Can’t believe it was so cold in CA.

      1. Xmas was ok but very busy. I got a bit sick at one point, but then it passed quickly thankfully. I hope you had a good one too.

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