Dicken’s Village at Macy’s

It’s the New Year, hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Christmas cheer hit me after Christmas so I won’t feel too silly posting these in January. I still have to go through my pictures from the NYC Macy’s window. They were my favorite for 2015 and will hopefully get those up in a few days. This one is about Macy’s in Philly.

The day after Christmas we drove to Philly with our cousin and his girlfriend for food and holiday stuff.

We got a triple dose of holiday cheer that day. Before we went to Koziar’s Christmas Village we hit Macy’s to check out their holidays lights show.All the pics were taken with a wide angle lens. We wanted to pack light for this trip.

Macy’s is in the Wanamaker building. It’s a beautiful old building. Wanamaker’s was the first department store in Philly. You can read more about the history of the building here.



The Philly store was similar to the NY one with Peanuts in the window! I love Peanuts.



The light show was cute but it was a bit boring for us. The Dicken’s Village upstairs was a nice surprise.


The stories of The Nutcracker and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer were featured here.

After the light show we followed the crowd upstairs. We weren’t even sure where we were going. We were looking for ornaments to buy. We waited on line a bit and were trying to figure out if we were in line to see Santa. We weren’t, we were told he went back to the North Pole.


We found we were on our way to see Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.


The ghosts were a bit creepy.


The whole time we kept thinking of Scrooged with Bill Murray. I use to watch that a lot when I was little.




There was a lot of detail and thought put into this village.




Will Scrooge change his ways?




We all know how the story goes. Scoorge changed his ways and was no longer a Bah Humbag 🙂



27 thoughts on “Dicken’s Village at Macy’s

  1. Marshall Fields and some of the other old department stores have one floor dedicated to a holiday show or two. In addition, the city of Minneapolis used to throw a Holidazzle parade with lighted floats and marchers in costumes with lights as well. My kids loved it, but standing in the cold at night could be brutal sometimes.

    It’s funny that such a classic Christmas story be a creepy ghost story as well. The third to last photo reminds me more of a Halloween haunted house display than a Christmas show! 🙂

    1. It does. The ghosts were creepy. When we were walking through it we were like – are those ghosts appropriate for kids? The village was a nice surprise. We wanted to check if NYC had a Xmas village inside but they took it down when we were there to see the windows.

  2. I was thinking back this year that one thing i missed at the holidays now was the great show the old fashioned department stores put on at Christmas. On line shopping and look alike superstores just don’t cut it. The parties and Santa for the kids, wonderful window displays and elaborate villages all helped make shopping a fun event. . You could have been reading my mind when you posted this. Thanks. .

    1. I do most my shopping on line too. It’s so much easier but sometimes I wish there was no such thing as internet shopping. I miss shopping in stores but the prices are always better on line. I have the NYC Macy’s Peanuts pictures I need to post. I can’t figure out how to upload video. Once I do I’ll get it up. Once window needs to be seen by video. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Nice photos more holiday spirit. I like your capture of the displays. Was this your first time at Macys holiday lights in Philly? I didn’t visit that one this year with the family, we did make it to the Comcast building holiday display, also in Center City Philadelphia. Hope you enjoyed your time in my neck of the woods!

    1. Yes, first time at Philly Macy’s for Xmas. Do they have they Dicken’s Village every year or do they change it up? We never get tired of going to Philly. We realized we prefer it just being us when we visit. When we go with our cousin all he wants to do is sleep in the hotel and eat a cheesesteak. Vic and I like to wander around. We like the brick row houses, we hit museums, etc. I’ve been meaning to get pics of Elfreth Alley, haven’t gotten there yet. I like how it’s one of the oldest streets and I want to see it. This may sound weird for us Philly reminds us of NY about 10 years ago. We don’t like what NY is becoming and going to Philly kind of brings something to us. Don’t know how to explain it. We love Philly.

      1. Yes they every holiday the Dickens Village is displayed and I believe its the same. There is always something different to discover in Philadelphia, even for me who has lived here all her life. I don’t eat as many cheesesteaks though but yes they are good. Elfreth Alley is unique, small section probably would be worth a trip to see around first friday art gallery openings, so much going on around that area. I love visiting NY, I have had over night stays and day trips. I remember over 10 years ago attending a family party in Brooklyn on a Sunday night and thinking wow this reminds me so much of Philly but minus the tons of activity on the streets at 11pm at night on a Sunday. It was interesting.

      2. So there is a similar feel between our cities. People think we’re nuts when we say that. I’m honestly kinda of bored in NY. That’s why we’ve been taking little trips to Philly, Savannah, and Charleston. it’s a challenge to find walkable places that aren’t that expensive. I like history too.Going to places that preserve their history or still have a lot of their old buildings is really nice. I feel like in NY in the near future, if I went on a history tour I would be presented a big tall glass tower and a binder with pictures of what was once there. Thanks for the first Friday tip!

      3. You are welcome.. It is interesting to hear opinions of the city. Especially nice ones! Drop me a line if you ever have questions, or goings on in Philadelphia and surrounding area.

      4. Whoops. Think I messaged you by accident. The last comment about getting cold and ruining your trip. Shouldn’t do things when half asleep in the morning.

      5. I just remember it getting cold and icky and thinking I hope it’s not ruining your trip, hope you have enough warm clothes. Could have sleets after Xmas. I really don’t remember. Such a blur!

    1. Really? I’d like to go the Germany for Christmas on year. I’ve read about Christmas markets. Dicken’s Village was cute. At one point we thought the ghosts would be good for Halloween. I have the Macy’s NYC window to post about and I’m being really lazy about uploading the video to youtube and get it up in the post. SInce Peanuts the movie came out they did A Charlie Brown Xmas window. It was great. I love Peanuts and my Dad would buy the Charlie Brown tree every year. We’d have the most lopsided tree because he felt bad for them.

      1. Please write about the food! Italian is my favorite. I’ve been learning the Italians I’m familiar with are from the South. All the food I know if from Naples and Sicily. Can’t wait for those posts.

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