Snowstorm Jonas

Up until Friday night, I thought it was all media hype. Last year they  kept saying we were going to get hit with blizzards and we’d wake up to 5 inches. 5 inches of snow is nothing. When I looked out my window and saw how much snow stuck and accumulated – I was so excited. This year the weather people got it right!


Central Park received 26.8 inches of snow. I’m pretty sure Brooklyn got more. We were wading in the snow yesterday. It was fun.

tn_DSC_5709 tn_DSC_5754 tn_DSC_5743

I feel bad for all my neighbors who live in houses. Not only are they digging out paths for pedestrians to walk, they are digging out their cars and the street. Only the main roads were plowed. Some cars can’t make it down certain streets. I’ve always lived in an apartment building so we don’t have the stresses of home owning.

tn_DSC_5701 tn_DSC_5711 tn_DSC_5799 tn_DSC_5807

It amazes me how fast the city comes back to life after a shutdown but we are the city that never sleeps. Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal.

tn_DSC_5823 tn_DSC_5830

These are pics from my mom, the morning after the storm. She walked from through Chinatown and Little Italy in Manhattan to check on my grandma’s place. We’ve been slowly cleaning up the estate and we left the windows open so during the storm she kept worrying it was getting wet in the apartment. It was fine.

tn_20160124_095645 tn_20160124_095522 tn_20160124_095652 tn_20160124_095704 tn_20160124_100810

I miss Manhattan, always will. Snow gets cleared up faster than Brooklyn and they usually get slightly less. In Manhattan people shovel the sidewalks more not diligent in Bay Ridge. What baffles me are doctor’s office. They are the worse by me. They don’t shovel and always have the iciest sidewalks.

I like it during snowstorms, that’s the fun part. Hate the after affects – it’s going to be slippery and wet for a while. Hopefully it won’t be too cold so it will melt and not turn to ice.

Yay, I got my snowstorm! So scared winter was going to end and I wouldn’t be able to roll in the snow.

Happy playing in the snow and be careful cleaning up.


13 thoughts on “Snowstorm Jonas

  1. My daughter in Astoria said everything was closed down for the snowstorm, but she was certain the subways would be running in time for my son-in-law to go to work on Monday. 😦 So no snow day for him! But minus the cleanup (shoveling the sidewalk, steps, and driveway used to make me so sore—we had a huge lot, back in the day when I was a homeowner—I couldn’t walk for a day or two afterwards), I miss how lovely the snow looks, covering the streets and trees. Too bad you couldn’t have it for Christmas! Though I’m really glad I wasn’t one of those travelers who sat at the airport, waiting for flights to resume.

    1. Wish it hit during the week but then I wouldn’t have had a play mate. I don’t roll in the snow if I m by myself. I feel stupid since I’m I feel I look old enough not to be rolling in the snow. The city shutdown. It’s slowly coming back to life. The next few days will be gross but it will rain one day this week. That should help melt it. Guess I should leave shoes and pants at work to change into.

  2. I agree about doctor’s offices not being shoveled. Many years ago I lived in the mountains of North Carolina (Asheville which has actually been shown on the news since Friday) and had an appointment at my chiropractor’s office. I made it across the parking lot and into my appointment. As I stepped out the door to leave I hit a thick patch of ice and promptly fell on my bum….undoing all the good work that had just been done. I wasn’t hurt but could have been.
    Now where I live we get very little snow and ice and I just stay in when it happens. Since I need to avoid falls (osteoporosis) it is a very good idea. I just enjoy the view.

    1. It’s so weird. Especially in my neighborhood. Literally every doctors office I come across doesn’t shovel. They have the iciest sidewalks! People joke that they want business. I’m like – they deserved to get sued for not maintaining their sidewalk everyone else usually does. One places had 6 inches of slicked ice when it was super cold a couple years ago. I have a snowstorm, ice walk to the train station. I remember which spots to avoid.

    1. The aftermath is going to be yucky. Dreading heading to work today. It’s going to be icy. Its funny, I run out and play in snowstorms and like to stay home the next couple of days if I can till the city gets cleared up.

    1. Storms are fun the day of. On Tuesday I slipped down the train stairs! Luckily, I skidded down on my butt check so my bones are ok. A little old lady helped me up. I admit, the days after stink. Slippery mess. There’s still snow piles but the paths are clear now 🙂

      1. Ouch, that’s a bad fall. She broke her hip 😦 How long did that take to heal? Leg injuries stink. Hurt my knee last year when I fell biking. Stuck in a brace for a 7 weeks. At least it could come off to shower. It was hard being trapped at home for over a month.

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