Charlie Brown, You’re the Browniest

There’s nothing like a Charlie Brown Christmas. This is and will always be my favorite Christmas window. My Dad is a big Peanuts fan and I guess that rubbed off on me. When it was that time of year we’d head to Tribeca (the Tribeca Grand Hotel stands there now) to go to the nursery and we’d get the Charlie Brown tree. It would be lopsided or part of the bottom would be missing. You get the point, we bought the saddest trees because my Dad felt bad for them and I loved my Christmas trees. Still do.





Look at Pigpen, love how they included all his dust and dirt! Look at the bottom of the snowman.





The Red Baron window was our favorite. It made me laugh out loud. In the cartoon Charlie Brown is talking about the commercialization of Christmas and seeing how Macy’s slide some marketing into the window – I couldn’t stop cracking up.



Woodstock reindeer were adorable.


I saw the Peanuts windows 3 times because it’s once in the lifetime that they’ll have it. Wish we could have this every year.

This wraps up my Christmas posts.


9 thoughts on “Charlie Brown, You’re the Browniest

  1. Wow! I’m glad you got a video of the window! I’m sorry I missed it—we were just two subway stops away from the Herald Square Macy’s—but I don’t think my two-year-old grandson would have held still long enough to watch the “movie” in that one window. (He doesn’t like watching, he wants to do stuff, like slap the window with his hands and yell “Snoopy! Snoopy!”)

    I know it’s Midtown Manhattan, but did it seem really noisy to you? I noticed while watching the video that there was a lot of noise in the background: people talking, a fire engine’s siren, and of course, the music playing from the overhead speakers by the windows.I enjoy that kind of bustle when I visit Manhattan; it really makes me feel like I’m at the hub of the world. A couple of people back in CA told me that they wouldn’t like New York on account of that. They’re more comfortable with crickets chirping and the sound of the wind in the trees, but you can hear that anywhere! 😉

    1. It was noisy but I never notice it. I b get what you mean. It,s too quiet for me everywhere else. We went to Charleston for 3 nights. So quiet at night. Not use to that ans new it creeps me out when it’s that quiet. That one window is better by video. We had to capture the moment. One window you can play w the keyboard on the front. That was neat, kids were going crazy.

  2. it’s great! and I love that they included Pigpen too. He is the hero of my childhood, I once even sent him a shower gel and a tooth brush set (my mothair pretended she mailed it, but she didn’t lol).

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