Meow Service – Day 1

St. Patty’s Day 2016 was my first day of volunteer service for Anjellicle Cats. They rescue neglected, abandoned, stray cats and kittens. They also work with the ACC (Animal Care and Control of NYC ) to pull cats on the kill list. They are a no-kill, all volunteer, not for profit organization. They have 3 kitty showing areas: Hell’s Kitchen at Spoiled Brats, the Upper West Side at Columbus Avenue and 100th Street, and the Upper East Side at Lexington and 86th Street. Their cats are also featured at the Koneko Cat Cafe on the Lower East Side. I get to help take care of and socialize the kitties until they get adopted out. Today there were 9!


Jazz excited watching the chaser.


Jazz has a white patch on his belly. He’s very sweet. Loved being pet. We was a part of the playing party I had with all the kitties.

My allergies were killing me by the end but it was heaven. I’m allergic to cats and dogs (more dogs), have a cat  (have had 18 total including this one, work at a vet’s office, and my tolerance to Benadryl is pretty high.


Juice – He’s a cow print cat. I love his cat-tude. he likes head scratches and the catnip carrot. He was talking to me and growling a bit. I think the growling was because other kitties were entering his space. You know how cats are. I can handle attitude. I love cats with attitude. He’s actually really sweet and loves to try and escape the cat room.

Just love animals. Refer to cats as my furry Prozac. I’m too high energy for my new cat Chewie so I figured volunteer. Plus I miss having a large brood of cats and have all these cat care skills I’d like to use.  I’m trying to keep it down to one or two kitties since I have allergies and Victor is asthmatic. When our kitty Jebus died it was the first time in 30 years I didn’t have any cats. We found we couldn’t go kitty free. We missed having an extended family.


My Chewie – He was rescued from Ward’s Island where my Mom worked. The city Psych Island. Her boss fed the ferals and he was really friendly and fell in a well. It took her a few days to find him. She couldn’t keep him because her cat has FIV so we took him.


Chewie was probably a house cat – he’s way too friendly to be a feral. He takes after me. He hogs the bed and has mood swings like I do. He plays with me like I’m his cat bro and hugs Victor. He loves to go crazy with the chasers and follows me everywhere. I’m pretty sure he’ll fuck me up if I dress him up like Jebus but I keep trying.

I also missed the non profit life. Before my vet job I worked for 5 1/2 years at Housing Works, they provide housing, supportive services for people with HIV and AIDS. There’s an energy about a non profit that I like.


Jiminy – He will eat treats out of your hand and the closet I’ve gotten to him was when I fed him. He loves to play with the feather teaser. He’s coming around. He just has to get use to us. If I remember right, he’s fairly new to the cat room.


Vivian – she is the sweetest and she loves other kitties. I got my first volunteer love hug from her. She spoke a little to me and let me rub her cheeks down. We played a little with the chasers. Sorry this is a little blurry, we are playing here.


This may either be Ninja or Ziggy. They get to roam the cat room freely so I couldn’t tell which striped buddy was which. I think Ziggy is bigger than the one in this pic. I’ll learn each of them soon enough. This little one was shy but totally entranced by the feather teaser.


My volunteer buddy had to cancel last minute so it was more one on one cat time for me 🙂 9 cats piece of cake, use to have 15 at one time. I just have to learn their quirks and even got some hugs on my first day. It felt good spending some time on my day off  to get the kitties to play and trust people again. Now I know some like to eat when we aren’t in there so next week I’ll step outside the cat room so those guys can eat and play with them after.


Reggie – this one eyed kitty doesn’t let missing and eye slow him down. He may appear a bit shy but will warm up. I realized I have to play with him a bit differently. Make sure you’re on the side he can see. He’s sweet.


Mario, he’s very sad. His owner passed away and he’s having trouble adjusting to changes. Who likes change – I don’t either, I get Mario. He needs a lot of patience and a lot of love. He will only eat when you aren’t looking. He came to Anjellicle Cats on March 1, 2016. You can see him at their Spoiled Brats location.

Didn’t get pics of all the kitties but some can be seen at their three locations and the Koneko Cat Cafe and also on their website.


6 thoughts on “Meow Service – Day 1

  1. Aww, your Chewie is adorable! All of the cats are, but Chewie looks a lot like my Sunny. There’s something about yellow tabbies that radiate happiness, even in poor Mario. I also envy your being able to play with a bunch of kitties. I could do that all weekend if they let me!

    My older daughter and son-in-law used to live on East 86th on the Upper East Side. I’m wondering now if I passed by the cat showroom there, since I used to get off at the Lexington Station when I was returning from some of the museums in Manhattan.

    1. Aw, thanks. Chewie has my mood swings. He’s a sweet cat but his temperament reminds me of me! And he’s a bed hog.

      I wish I volunteered sooner. I’ve been stressed out and animals make me so happy. They said that I can stop by anytime to just play with them if it’s outside feeding times. Yay.

  2. This is a wonderful hobby. Wish I was able to do the same but the allergies gives me respiratory problems.

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