Chinese Lantern Festival

For Memorial Weekend we hopped on a bus and stayed overnight in Philly. We go there a lot. We love it there. But this time around we wanted to check out the Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square. It’s really cute. It opened April 22 and closes June 12th. It’s $17 a ticket for adults, kids (ages 3-17) $12, $15 for seniors and military, kids 2 years and under are free. They have performances, food vendors and stands where you can buy trinkets.



We didn’t get to see the performances. We arrived around 9pm because we wanted it nice and dark. They had some hula hoop shows and Chinese Opera. We spent our time wandering around the lanterns.


These lanterns are inspired by the many masks of Chinese Opera.



They are created and designed in China from LED lights using traditional techniques.




The giant dragon was my favorite. The beer garden is here.



Vic liked the peach trees.



Great event for adults and kids.


Terracotta soldiers.







15 thoughts on “Chinese Lantern Festival

    1. We love Philly. On this trip we realized we love Philly more than NY. We’re die hard NYers but NY isn’t what it use to be. Philly feels like a real city to us while we feel NY feels like it’s being manicured for the 1%. Spent some time walking around Old City. That was really nice being able to see all the old buildings. We stayed at Marriot. 2nd time the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night there. That’s the only complaint. At least this time I didn’t jump out of bed panicked.

      1. I will watch and see if it comes to Seattle. We have very large and active Asian communities here and there is always something very interesting going on.

  1. Loved the opening photo, great shots. It is really strange, I never thought of Philly as being a place for such a Chinese Lantern Festival, very cool. To me, shooting at night is always special too, it makes the lighting much crisper.

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