Charleston at Night

We debated going on a ghost tour in Charleston but weren’t sold by the reviews so we decided to go for a walk at night. It creeped us out.



This night it really dawned on me how upbringing makes a difference.



I’ve walked through the projects by myself at night and Charleston at night was weirder for me. It was so quiet. We didn’t hear a soul stirring. No dogs barking, kids laughing, no sounds of TV. A handful of lights were on but not much else.



We were laughing about how growing up in a big city makes a peaceful night seem scary to us. It was a satisfying walk and the houses are beautiful but I kept flinching when I saw shadows move.





We walked to the end of the Peninsula and back to the King Charles Inn giggling because I was freaked out on the really dark streets. My friend came back from Charleston a month ago and she even said the streets were so empty but then again we’re from the most populated city in America.


We’ll see you again Charleston, there’s no way we can live without your food.


9 thoughts on “Charleston at Night

  1. New York, or Manhattan at least, is so well lit with people in the streets all the time, it’s a bit like walking around an amusement park at night. Some neighborhoods aren’t safe to walk alone in at night, to be sure, but I was comfortable walking in places like Broadway/the Theater District or by Rockefeller Plaza. And I wasn’t thinking about ghosts or legendary haunted houses there, either! I’m not sure what the street lighting was like in Charleston, but I’ll bet they were darker than Manhattan’s. Also, the history of the city is a bit “haunting” imo, so maybe it’s harder not to think of all the ghost stories you’ve heard while there.

    I love the photos. There’s something spooky about black and white night shots.

    1. You should see me in the burbs – my flinching comes back. It’s hilarious. I even get freaked out in my neighborhood because it’s really dark and empty around the houses. It’s really safe I’m just not use to it. Charleston was extra creepy since we didn’t see or hear signs of life in the houses and the houses are really old.

      I regret not taking today off. We went to The Cure concert last night and he played till midnight. Usually they stop at 11pm. Can barely move. Robert Smith still puts on a great show and after 40 years he can pack MSG for 2 days.

      1. LOL, was it the dancing that made you sore? The last concert I went to, my ears were ringing because the amps were so loud. I think I’d better stick to acoustic folk-pop. 🙂

        My neighborhood has been so quiet lately, I’m a little creeped out by it. Usually the kids are all out of school and blowing off firecrackers in the street. But not this year. I wonder if they all graduated and moved out of the house, or the police have been more aggressive about enforcing the no-firecrackers law.

      2. Wasn’t dancing. Staying up late. I’m not a night owl. We passed out at 8.30pm last night. It’s hard to sleep after a concert. I’m still sleepy today! Didin’t realize Cure play for 3 hours on average. usually at MSG they close at 11pm. But it’s nice that they do that. The last Cure concert we went to had to be at least 7-8 years ago. I was at my old job. It was a great show. He still sounds the same.

  2. Fantastic photos and post. You set it up well with the talk of GHOSTS! These shots have the vibe you wanted, I think.

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