Sooke, BC

Sooke is about a 30 minute drive from Victoria. It’s located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.


We stopped here on our drive to Mystic Beach to take in the views and stretch our legs. We walked along the water and didn’t explore town. Of course I left the Nikon 900 (super zoom camera) in the car so we weren’t able to take pics of the eagle we saw. It stayed in the tree a real long time and flew away when we walked back to the car. Our SLR zoom wasn’t good enough to capture it.


The eagle flew away and landed in one of those trees.

Sooke has been a tourist destination for a long time. The West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Provincial Park are in the area. Sooke is also known for their beaches. It also has a thriving art community and every summer they host the Sooke Fine Arts Festival.


After our stretch we left for our hike to Mystic beach.


6 thoughts on “Sooke, BC

      1. LOL that’s never stopped hundreds of CA drivers! 😉 I swear most of them are on autopilot.

        Seriously, if I moved to NYC I’d give up driving. It’s a pain in the butt to pay for the upkeep and repairs on a car, not to mention insurance. And I really love being a passenger so I can stare out the window and look at the landscape instead of staring at the road in front of me. I’d like to hire an Uber just for a drive through the countryside, so I can take pictures and gaze at the cows and horses and whatever else is out there. But I know I’d miss being able to get to places that aren’t accessible by public transit. And I admit, it’s fun sometimes to hop into a rented car and just take off someplace new. Dealing with traffic, rude drivers, and “did you hear a funny noise coming from the back?” not so much.

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