Sooke and the Creepy Door

We were sad for our outdoor adventures to come to and end. We stopped in Sooke on our way back to Victoria hoping to see the resident bald eagles since wildlife was a bit scarce on this trip.

Sooke is about an hour drive from Victoria. They have a thriving arts community and are known for outdoor recreation. Sooke has been a destination for a long time and has become more popular due to people visiting the West Coast and  the Juan de Fuca Trails. There’s a lot of back country recreation like ATVs, 4x4s, dirt bikes, etc. Recently, Sooke has become a destination for mountain biking. For a better look at Sooke click here to view last years post, we didn’t take pics of the surrounding area this time around.

What a cute doggie.

Here are the resident bald eagles! Unfortunately, they were staying very far away, see their tiny heads on the top of the tree?

We got nice bird pics waiting for our eagles friends to fly closer (they never did).

These birds were dicks. They wouldn’t let the guy flying to sit with them, they kept pecking him off.

Eventually we had to mosey on along back to Victoria. We stayed at the Swans Hotel, Brewery and Pub on three separate nights. The building is an old converted warehouse and the rooms have a lofty feel. I didn’t take pics of the hotel or many of the room. I just have 1 pic of this creepy door at the top of the lofted area I texted my friend. It would freak me out whenever I’d wake up in the middle of the night for the bathroom. You can’t help but think – what the fuck is gonna crawl outta there? while the hair stands on your neck (I have an over active imagination)If you’d like to see Swans Hotel click here.

We had a pleasant stay at Swans Hotel, the pub had decent food and good music. I mean like The Cure,  Depeche Mode, and some indie kind of music. I’m not a Top 40 person, one reason why I don’t like large social functions, the music always sucks, I have to listen to all this pop music and the food is usually eh.

Swans seemed like it would be good for anyone who needed a kitchen while traveling. We had one in our room but didn’t use it. We booked them because they are in a good location, reviews were decent, and the price was right. We would stay here again. Maybe then I’ll be able to conquer the creepy door. I wanna know what’s behind there! Maybe we can convince the staff to grab a ladder and check it out with us next time.

Each time we came back we were bumped up a room number. Our last night in Victoria we had the nice big room with a sofa in it. I asked the front desk if anyone has gone up to that creepy door, she said, “No. We all wonder what’s in there, maybe the boogeyman?” I was thinking ‘thanks a lot and now I’m happy we’re checked out’.

Our view from our room.


4 thoughts on “Sooke and the Creepy Door

  1. Loved the opening photo ~ it was the perfect introduction to your post, and you taught me about Sooke ~ next time I am up in Victoria, I’ll definitely check it out. I had to laugh at the creepy door 🙂 Places like this I use to love as a little kid, it got my imagination running overtime 😉 Happy you had such great travels. Wish you well and enjoy the week ahead.

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